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Theresa Lear Levine

EFT Master Practitioner and Energy Coach | Founder, Becoming More Me with EFT

Theresa lives in Davidsonville, Maryland with her husband Jeff and their 4 boys. As an entrepreneur with a background in Psychology, Nutrition and Fitness, she has been helping women work on various aspects of their mental and physical health for over 25 years.

Her struggles with ADHD, trauma and the chaos and overwhelm of being a mompreneur with big goals and responsibilities led her to learn how to cultivate the success, clarity and inner peace that used to feel so illusive.

Using a unique blend of Energy Psychology, EFT Tapping and Strategy, Theresa empowers other mompreneurs to overcome anxiety, distractions, and limiting patterns so they can feel happy, present and fulfilled as they align their beliefs, actions values and vision for business and daily life!

May 27, 2022

Ep. 58 | What is EFT and How it Can Transform Your Life with Theresa …

If you'd like to get access to the exclusive private session that we did after the recording, simply send an email to Theresa the…

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