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April 29, 2022

Ep. 54 | The Heartcentered Life with Anna Rapp

Ep. 54 | The Heartcentered Life with Anna Rapp


Danielle Aime  0:00  
Do you want to live where you can fully embrace yourself, you want to live life on purpose and on your terms, you want to tap deeper into your soul as you grow into your purpose work, and you no longer want to hide in the shadows. Hey, I'm Danielle, Amy, and I am obsessed with helping humans human. I am on a mission to normalize that we are here to feel, heal, experience, connect and grow. I have transformed many darker sides of this journey into the most incredible life, I could imagine. My ducks aren't always in a row. In fact, I think I lost one. But yet I have created a beautiful family comfortable lifestyle and a freedom based business along the way, all while learning to love and accept myself as a soul that's on a human experience. Through my intuitive teachings, real talks and guest interviews, I can help you as we help the world to love ourselves just a little bit more. Hello, and welcome, everybody. So we have a wonderful guest today in a rap. I have known her for quite some time. And in fact, she used to be known as a different name. And we're gonna talk about that today. But more importantly, she is all about like the heart centered journey and just living life, I think with purpose. And one word that she taught me that I will never forget is grace. And so I'm just going to actually leave you guys give the floor to Anna. So she can just share a little bit about her journey of going from working in the nine to five and transitioning into this online world. So welcome, Hannah.

Anna Rapp  1:24  
I'm just so you've almost already made me cry. We're like five bookings, I can say so. Sorry. Let us we're here.

Danielle Aime  1:31  
Yep, yes, during explicit show, you're able to be ourselves on this show.

Anna Rapp  1:41  
So thankful to be here with you, Danielle. And I just want to say like for your listeners, like, I'm sure they already know you. But I just want to say from knowing you behind the scenes, you are just the same human behind the scenes in front of the scenes, all this all the scenes. And I'm just grateful to chat with you.

Danielle Aime  1:58  
Well, I'm grateful to have you here.

Anna Rapp  2:01  
So yes, I'm a business coach and mentor. I've been doing this for about six years now. And I love working with heart centered women that have a passion to build a business online, but also might feel a little scared to do things like get visible and sell and put their heart out there. So we call them like hashtag heart centered problems. Like I don't want to be spammy, right? Like, I want to send clients but like, I don't want to disappoint them like I am all over those types of problems.

Danielle Aime  2:28  
Yeah. So how did you get into this? Like, I know you worked a nine to five. So like, what was something happening in your life? Or were you like, how did you get exposed to the online world? Because you did therapy? Right? Like you were a therapist? Yes.

Anna Rapp  2:43  
Yes. In my past life. I did mental health therapy. And I was had my toddler was pregnant with my daughter and kind of just I didn't know about the online world at first, like my eyes hadn't been opened yet, like, but I kind of had this feeling like I want to do something else on the side. You know, for me, I really feel like I love therapy. I still have a therapist, I'm a huge believer in therapy. But like, I loved working with people and bringing them from like, basically crisis to like baseline level health, but I was kind of craving to like work with people that were like, already healthy and like getting to the next level, which basically is like life coaching, right? So I started like, there was like a local coffee shop, like a community center that I had, like donated to when I started doing like some workshops there. And just dabbling and like doing life coaching stuff. And then my one of my girlfriend's who was a beachbody coach was like, did you know you can like make a Facebook group and like so even before I knew about Facebook groups, I like started a Facebook group for my life coaching thing I invited all my friends in just from like normal life and I did this like little challenge with them. And at the end, I like closed the group down. I didn't even sell to them. I would just like, you know, just like an exploratory season but it was like really. And then later on, like, when I had a business coach, she was like, what you shut the group down like what are you even doing in here you

Danielle Aime  4:06  
offer something of your time and you got nothing.

Anna Rapp  4:10  
That was my first but then I had their email so I emailed them back and that was like my first sold out group program as a life coach. But anyway, that was my first little venture.

Danielle Aime  4:19  
Yeah, well super cool. So like as you were going through that did it just like kind of start more and more ideas was like kind of coming in like as you were doing, like your regular practice. And then you just jumped like, how did you know when it was time to jump?

Anna Rapp  4:33  
Oh my Lord. So Well, first, it was just like, very confusing. Like it was satisfying. But it was also like kind of a little bit of a nightmare. Like I remember like, going out to dinner to celebrate, like selling out my first group program as a life coach, and just kind of feeling like sick. Like I told my husband at the time. Like, I feel like I'm like scamming people out of their money and he was like, Are you scamming people on the internet? I'm like, No, I'm not scamming them, but it just like it so Really turbulent, because I had never taken money from people for a service. Like, I would just like a lot of firsts. So it wasn't like it was enjoyable, but it was like, I also had a lot of blocks.

Danielle Aime  5:13  
Mm hmm. I like that you brought that up, though, because like a lot of times in this industry, which is the whole premise behind the show is not, which I mean, there's a time and a place for it. Obviously, in our marketing, it doesn't always fit in. But like, I think it's good to know the behind the scenes is like, not everybody works this because this is what I hear a lot. Like here, it doesn't mean it's what's happening is like, oh, where it's my nine to five. And like, on Thursday, I just decided to quit, I sold out, I sold my first group robot, and it was amazing. You can do it too. But then you'll like, by the way, I was in the fetal position, I was crying, I thought I should refund everybody's money back. Because like, who am I to take their freakin money? You know, like, and we don't really talk about it openly and honestly. So then when like, you know, here's like, these people over there, you know, might be you listener, and you're sitting there and you're like, holy shit. Well, I mean, something must be wrong with me. Because this is supposed to be easy and fun. Maybe I'm not supposed to be doing this, you know. And it's like, this is where guys like, we all have this mountain of a roller coaster. Because one thing we are throughout this whole experience as a human, and depending on the type of human we were going into this stuff, personality based, you know what I mean? Depends on like that outcome that's coming from it

Anna Rapp  6:24  
could not agree more. I've definitely had so many, like snot crying in the shower moments. Like, it's just not cute, you know, I mean, and also the other side of like, amazing moments of like, oh my god, I get to get paid, like so much money to do this amazing work. But like, just think also, it's like, has not been rainbows and butterflies and all the unicorns the whole time.

Danielle Aime  6:46  
Right. I know. And I think it just like it's okay. Like, I think that's also the beautiful thing about the journey is that it's not because when we do start having more, I call like a little bit more clear, sunny skies. It's like businesses, like the weather, to be honest with you. I mean, depending on what area you live in, but, you know, like, I live in Louisiana, and we always joke here saying Louisiana has bipolar weather. Like one day you were in a coat and next day, like we were bathing suits. And then we, you know, have ice storm by Friday. So it's like, business sometimes might not be that drastic of change. But at the same time, it has this like ebb and flow with like each stage that we go, whether it's the entry point, the mid point, or the ongoing point, because I don't really feel as an end, at least once you're in it to win it. Right. So like, and then the hardest thing I feel of being a business owner that I think people just regard is through this entire process. At no point does it ever omit you being if you're a mom, if you're a wife, if you're a daughter or a sibling, or whatever, because that means that you have all these other situations in your life, especially with your partner, especially with our kids, anything that's under that roof. If something is not flowing, and something is not jiving, it affects us personally. And I know like I've had times where me and my husband have, like, gotten into it. And then it's like, Shit, I got client calls today. And I'm just like, I'm not doing anything else that day. But those kind of show off for those people. But the live stream I was gonna do, I didn't do the post I was gonna make I didn't make I couldn't.

Anna Rapp  8:17  
I remember one time, my I was doing a coaching call, I think I was like, breastfeeding my daughter. So I was only doing like phone calls, right? And my son comes in, like family vomits all over underneath the desk. And I'm like, I think I still finished the client call. I think I just had like two more minutes. But it just so true, right? It's like the beauty and blessing that we like can have these businesses that integrate our lives, but also like our lives really like intersect into our business too, right.

Danielle Aime  8:48  
So what would be a tip for somebody like, I know something that you gave me and I will never forget. So Anna was my coach like she was the first coach ever hired. And it's kind of funny because it's like right before she transitioned from her her job to fully like being like, Hey, I'm an online entrepreneur. And I was always so incredibly hard on myself. And one day, like I think it was about to cry or was crying also I think I was pregnant. And then she just looked at me and she's stuck because we're on a zoom call and she stares me in the eyes and she said Danielle, why don't you just give yourself grace. And it's like never seriously until that moment never in my life had anyone ever uttered those words to me. And I as you know, I have told you this 100 million times like they change something in me to where now I told that to my clients and then sometimes they tell it back to me is like what would you tell the person that is one either trying has already made the leap to try business or they're still in the hesitancy of should they even go about this and they're being pulled with the heartstrings. Like they're being pulled in so many different ways. Like how do they make that just even little you know, getting their little toe wet in the pool like what Would what's a graceful, peaceful way of approaching starting online business? Or growing it further?

Anna Rapp  10:10  
I love that question so much. I think like, a belief that really helped me as I was starting and as things felt hard and swirly and kind of like, anytime we're doing something new, it's going to feel a little bit volatile, right? Like, you know, like, the season that I'm in right now, but I can compare it to is like, post divorce dating again, right? Like, it's gonna be like day to day, like when you're starting a new online business, right, like any new chapter. And so I think one of the beliefs that helped me most was just believing that my success was inevitable. So that really locking into that, even though it felt like, you know, maybe I like put myself out there on, you know, Facebook Live, and no one showed up, or maybe, you know, whatever action, I took it to things when you're starting, don't feel very certain, because you're spending a lot of time on marketing and not very much time doing your actual craft, right? You got into business to be a coach or to be a copywriter, right. But like, at the start, when you're not fully booked with clients, you can feel kind of untethered, because you're not grounding in that work. You know, that's why number one, I recommend people like fully booked themselves with clients, even before they're getting paid for it, because it is so grounding to do that work. But just believing like, my success is inevitable. Like, I know, like, I remember telling my coach this when I was making, like, you know, hardly any money, like, I don't know what it's gonna look like, I don't know when it's going to happen. But I know, I'm gonna figure it out. And I know, I'm gonna be wildly successful on the internet. And so I think when you believe that it just makes the ups and downs feel much more insignificant, instead of like, this is a sign that I shouldn't have an online business. This is a sign that I stuck on it that instead of like, no, it's just as a road bump, but I know I'm gonna crush it. So like, let's keep going.

Danielle Aime  11:52  
Yeah, it's like roads in Louisiana, we have potholes and bumps all over the place. And like that's all about it is is a temporary pitfall. That may or may not rip your front end off. But like, that's just it is like, I think it's beautiful, though. Like, I really honor I honor the like, trials and tribulations of life, because, like, people always talk about being multi passionate, and business, but like, we're multi peopled, you know, we're all identities that we hold inside of our business. But what about all the identities we hold in life, like, especially those of us that are mothers of young children, like holy live in hell, you have no idea what day it's going to look like and what's going on. And you made a post recently about it about like, having kids and working as an online business owner. And then I share it, I was like, yeah, just recently, like, three weeks ago, I had to do with vomit and diarrhea from two toddlers to then now mom got strep throat, so I'm gonna start to learn Jettas. So then I'm down, you know, it's just like, oh, but it's not all year round. It's not all the time. It's just that thing. And and that's where it kind of does feel like, at least for me, in my environment, like, almost like being what do you call it like a house mom or whatever? Like, you're, you're like, always with your kids, or you know what I mean? Like, it's so like, am I a business owner, like is there's this stuff, because you create so much freedom in your life through the toys that you are present with your family. And, but at the same time, it can throw off the days that you have scheduled in your business when you have sick children, you know, like, and I guess it's just like that the juggling act, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. And I've noticed through time for myself, personally, no matter what's going on outside myself, like last year was a really hard year for me, um, towards the end of the year, when we moved in the beginning of the year into our new house, super exciting. And that should have been completely super exciting. But it was actually incredibly overwhelming for me, and adjusting to that move and adjusting to that new space. And I had to create like a new flow, because of how we had been living the year before. And then I had adjusted my business, then right when I started getting my flow. My brother in law died, then right after my brother in law died, and I'm like, Alright, I'm gonna make this I'm gonna use this as inspiration. My mom got sick. Then right after my mom got sick, my dad got sick. And then not long after a few weeks, my dad dies. And I'm just like, hot. What do you do? Like I just froze, I froze. And I was like, Alright, I've overcome postpartum depression. I've overcome this. I've overcome this. I was like, but what do I do now? I need to give myself grace. And it was really hard to do that because I'm an online business owner and I was supposed to show up because that's how I get my people. And that's how I talk to him. And to reach new people how I serve my people. I wasn't I had to not do any of it. Like, I stopped like I totally stopped and I'll tell you guys, like the hardest part about it is not believing your mind that's trying to tell you that you're a failure. I wasn't a failure at all. I was honoring the human experience to the full degree and form have, and I pause so deeply that when I came back in, it was like a different person in a different business. You know, like, I know you I mean, obviously on a different scale and a different chapter. How do you How did you approach your moment of Pitfall, especially the transformation of a marriage? What once was to not to then still show up as Anna, for your clients? How'd that go for you?

Anna Rapp  15:29  
Oh my gosh, I love that we're having this conversation because I feel like they're not had enough. And I do want to tell some my story about what that came what brought up for me too, as you were saying that is like, I see this in my clients all the time, right. And just the surrender to like, when life happens, right, like and not forcing it, not pushing it and just trusting. You know, like, I think especially as like driven ambitious women, we're really good at like showing up and doing the work and that is important to get results right? We can't just a journal all day, we have to like actually show up. On the other hand, I think we at least start seeing for myself, right? Like, sometimes we err on the side of like taking action and doing the work and fixing it that we forget that the other part is the surrender is trust, right for me, like I really believe in God and the universe, right? And so for me, it's like, trusting God being like, I'm gonna do my part. But I have to surrender. And like trust that I'm supported in this other part. And so for my clients within a lot of people are like, Well, what does that look like? Right? So for for some of my clients that have gone through, like really big stuff, as the pandemic happened, as personal stuff happened, that might look like changing their business, right? Some of them had done coaching before, but felt like you know what, in the season, I don't really want a visible business, I want more of a hidden business. And so I'm going to do done for you stuff, I'm gonna kill it as a virtual assistant, right, and kind of like be behind the scenes, right? Or in or, like you said, like, you know, in this season, I'm just gonna not do my business for three months, some of my other clients have gone from, you know, businesses to day jobs data. And I just think like, as women, we need to like on the online space, there's a lot of shame around like, stopping your business and getting a day job or stepping your business in not working or stuff or changing your business model. And I just think like, at the end of the day, we're entrepreneurs, we're money manifest errs were abundance queens, and that's okay. Like, for me, my life as a single mama of two young kids changes, like every six weeks when they're like, scheduled, like, I have to reevaluate, what do I want right now when it comes to making money being visible, and then being okay, two months from now to reevaluate that, and I just think it's like the biggest permission slip that we can just decide and surrender. What how do I need to act right now with my reality? And then I can reevaluate that in 90 days, right?

Danielle Aime  17:42  
Correct. Yeah. And what, as you're saying that the word that comes to me is like, we need to let go of this falsity that tells us we need to have a state of permanence. Yes, that state of permanence, therefore, we're not successful. And I call major bullshit on that. It's exactly the opposite. I find when when will least for me anytime at times up on this is like whenever I'm like, This is it. This is how it's going. This is like you signed, sealed and delivered. You got to know Ross on a billboard. And you're like, everyone, this is what I do. From now on. I'm not changing. And then guess what happens? yo want to change it? And then you're like, I feel so guilty. And if you don't like so then once I noticed that happened a few times. I'm like, hold up. Why do I feel like I need to like almost like declare out to the world that like this is how it's going. Because I was trying to seek validation and approval. So then I realized I had the permission because this is my business. This is my life. Because my choice. Yeah, I don't have to always be about everything. I don't have to always want to do code. Like I sometimes do not do one on one coaching. Like I'm like, nope, not I'm done. And for like, last year, the year before for like eight months, I didn't do any one on one coaching. I only did my membership and I only did group programs. And I wasn't like I'll never do this again. I just told myself if I am to do this again, I'll know when I'll know when I guess what that season starting to come. Now. I'm been really super excited about getting one on one clients again. And when we give ourselves that permission to let go of permanence, you enter and embody freedom, and then it goes right into Yeah, the great surrender of believing that we are fully supported by God by universe, however you identify with, like, we were fully supported and fully embraced and fully enveloped to be able to be to become the best versions of ourselves. You know?

Anna Rapp  19:37  
Yes, it's so hard, right? But I think too, it's like for me I remember like at the very start of my coaching business, I what kept me paralyzed from action. So long was that lack of I wanted certainty. I wanted to pick my niche. And I wanted to know I wanted to, like I want it to be so right when it came to like, which business I was picking right because at that point I had done The Life Coaching then I started like doing business coaching. So at that point, I was doing my therapy job doing life coaching, doing business coaching, pregnant, like I was doing all this shit, right? Because like, I didn't want it to be limited. And I was afraid to like, pick the wrong niche, pick the wrong, like, I show up and have a Facebook group do i do like, I didn't want to make the wrong choice and waste time. So you want I did I wasted a ton of time not picking. Instead of realizing like, Anna, just pick for the next 90 days, and that'll give you clarity on the next like, I think I was so wanting control that permanence, that clarity instead of realizing guess what, Anna, you're gonna get a little clarity, but you're never gonna get full clarity. Without the action. You know, like, I think I realized like, Oh, my confidence and clarity comes from action, instead of needing to feel confident and clear to take that action,

Danielle Aime  20:49  
right? Yeah, that like man that has no one that had like, I can't tell you how many times I have a conversation with people. And it's a hard, it doesn't have to be hard. For one, I'm gonna rephrase that. It's not hard. It's actually not hard. We believe that it's hard, we believe like it is. It's that perfectionism. It's that polished, like, again, that streamline thing, and it is it's control. If I control this, then it's safe. If I control this, then it's right. If I control this, and like nothing will go wrong. Like I'll skip all the whole those I've heard some horror stories of business, I won't have those, like, everything will be straight line. But like, if you embrace the zigzag of business, they will embrace the ebb and flow of business. Because as I say, whether you're human or a business owner, life's not linear. It's not linear, my friends, it is not linear at all. It is a bouncing rubber ball, like of all sorts and colors. And sometimes you decide to add another ball to the bouncing ball mix. And then you're like, I don't even know where I started or began. But here I am.

Anna Rapp  21:53  
Like, why do we expect I love that point? Like why did we expect business to be perfect and linear? Think about any other area of our life. Like I think about my kid, like do I expect with my kids, I love them to death. But it is definitely like, up and down. You know what I mean? Like when I think about any part of my life, my health journey, right? It's a journey. There's ups and downs. And yeah, I think we put this false expectation on our business to be like, imperfect, I mean, to be perfect

Danielle Aime  22:17  
to be perfect. Yeah, yeah, I know. And it's like, you hold all this pressure. So like everyone, everyone, let's do together and breathe. We're here we are imperfect, perfect as ourselves, because we're so imperfectly us. Like, it's not to be polished and perfected. And it's also not to just be like, Oh, I'm so flawed. Won't you know, you're so you, you're so incredibly, you. And we are so diverse. And through our stories. Like, I'll tell you when I was like pregnant, and I was talking to Anna. And then I was I had days where like, I was so frickin tired. Like, oh, my God, I was so tired. And then she would be like, Well, why don't you go lay down for the day, like when we get finished off the call, go lay down? And I'm like, Yeah, but I should be, I should blah, blah, blah. And she's like, why? No, like, you don't do that to your body or your mind. Like relax, like, it's okay to be still. And so guys, like, sometimes that's where coaches really do come in handy. They give you an outside perspective that you will not let yourself hear or see. Because we again, put this pressure and we put ourselves on this pedestal, lots of peace here of perfection. And we don't realize we're always doing it to ourselves. And then that's when when you work with your coach. Or even sometimes it's a friend that's like, whoa, hold up, like, what are you doing? And then you come down and not so today might be that day for you? Have you been pushing? Have you been trying to constrict every sense of your environment, like another thing I learned in business? So for those of you that's trying to, you know, get on the, whether it's reels or tick tock world, which I think are cool platforms really fun. Like I'm really like making tic tock, I'll just started last month, they're fun. Did you have a plan other than I'm exploring in my content, where I would rather reach one person with one video, I don't really my goal isn't to go viral. If it does cool, if not cool. I'm exploring content. I'm exploring content that my ideal clients like but also that I like creating. And I'm trying to find a happy medium and I just started finding my happy medium. And I don't know, it's been like three or four weeks now before I found the happy medium, if that makes sense. And I feel like it's still going to ebb and flow because once they give me that damn live stream button, it's on. Okay, like, and that's just it, we have to wait some times to reap the rewards of where we really want to go of what we really want to do. But in the meantime, go to the buffet. Go explore some shit because sometimes one if you've never tried it before, you don't know if you like it, and then if you've been eating the same damn thing all your life that's kind of boring once you try something else. I'm like that's business treat it like a buffet of ebb and flow. Sometimes I overcook the chicken. So what move on you know like some Once you have you picked the wrong client sold the wrong thing that you don't vibe with, like if you just treat it really organically and really fluidly, like this was getting on with the tic tac stuff. No, I didn't plan out six months of content, I will never do that when I've ever tried to do that I get bored head on, I want to change my mind. And then I realized I just spent like six days planning a year's worth of content that I don't even want to use anymore. So like, if that's you, stop right now. And breathe. I love it. So I know like, in life again, like you're saying with like the kids and everything, like we want to change our mind. So when do you think what's the difference? Because there's another catch to this. Those that constantly are changing, changing, changing, changing, because they are doing but they never commit. Let's talk about lack of commitment.

Anna Rapp  25:56  
Oh my lord, let's talk about Well, I love what you said to you about like, you know, just like on tick tock like letting yourself play and explore, you know, because I think like, in even like the advice you were saying that I gave you around like going in resting. You know what I mean? Taking it out. Like I think like, that's the power of like coaching is like our coaches can give us really individualized advice, right? Because some of my clients listen to this hearing that might be like, it is never given me permission to take a nap. Right? Because I think there's also a person that doesn't give themselves permission to lean in and do the hard thing and do that you are never that person, right? Like you need to do work. Right. So I think like, it's knowing what you need, how having a coach that will know you and be honest with you, right. But I think specifically for what you said with the like, unwilling to commit you know, being willing to, to be more structured to be more committed to to lean into that self trust, knowing like, I'm going to try something for 30 days, like you said with tick tock, right? Like, I'm gonna go out there, whatever my 30 days on Tiktok, whether I feel like it or not for 30 days, I'm gonna do it. And then I'm going to evaluate, I think some of that, and I'm going to trust myself at the end of 30 days to figure out where to go from there. Right,

Danielle Aime  27:10  
exactly. Where do you think people what's your opinion of when people so I've experienced this with clients, they will say that they've tried something like whether it's a niche, or a modality of some sort. And then I asked them, like, how long have they been doing it? And it's like a week? Yeah, like, it doesn't work, or there's no market for them? Or there's nobody? Like, how, what should they be doing? What would you tell them? If I was that client? I'm like, Oh, it's just not working? Like what should I do? Like, What should their focus be?

Unknown Speaker  27:42  
I think it's like at the end, my belief is that like business strategy at its core is like actually really simple. Right? Like you said, like, showing up on tick tock every day, right? Like, the hard part is the mindset. The hard part is like that. One weekend, when we're like, no one commented on my tick tock that means I'm doing something wrong, it means that I'm unlovable it means that like all the all the shit, right? So I think it's like coming up with that commitment, really clear commitment, that super simple. I'm gonna show up on tick tock for 30 days no matter what, right? And then doing the mindset work. To keep the strategy simple to keep your action doable, right, the fears, the blocks, all the things, right, like everyday maintenance, total everyday mindset work. Yeah. And it doesn't have to be like strenuous it's just minimal like and that's one thing I have totally learned because you said something before about something being like, just kind of like simple. And that's what I have learned more than anything. I went through this wave of overcomplicating even journaling. Like everything had to be like full fledge, because otherwise you don't uplevel you don't go further. And I was seen results. But what I when I really notice change is through change through simplification. And really, honestly, there's lots of s words here, but like it's it's the surrender to simplifying self. And like when we surrender, what Yes,

Danielle Aime  29:08  
I have, I've had this exact thing, but like, I don't know what it feels like, well, when you first try to surrender, you might even feel like you're going to trigger the feeling of failing or quitting because that's your ego. That's your mind. It's like whoa, whoa, whoa, if you especially were like a person like me that to go go go never sit down because if not, you're a loser. And like that was my pulling string in the past. So for me, as Anna said, No, she didn't give everybody the same advice that she gave me. Because I was kind of the opposite. I would show up I wouldn't do it. I do everything. I'm like, Tell me more. Give me more give me more Give me more. And because I did so much I usually didn't give enough time to see what worked because I was always moving to the next thing and moving to the next thing and it's so I wasn't it wasn't a matter of me of doing doing was never a problem. I never let myself be to see what's going to come from it you know, and and they Even now I want to tell you guys Yeah, I haven't shown up almost every single day on Tik Tok. But guess what I actually I'm not recording videos every day on Tik Tok because I batch those bitches.

Anna Rapp  30:09  
And you're totally right. I think that's great. Like, that's the consistency is what your audience experiences, not your energy doesn't have to be consistent. If you know, you have for me, same thing, like my kids get sick shit hits the fan, like, I'm a huge believer in doing that. Mm hmm.

Danielle Aime  30:26  
Yeah. Well, so I don't know, I guess at the end of the day, like, as you I felt, I feel both of us, you know, through these years, knowing one another, we've moved deeper and deeper inside of ourselves to like, come up onto the other end. And I feel one thing that you held true all this way is the heart, you know, the heart centered entrepreneur is you never left that behind if anything had expanded even further. And I think the world is transforming even deeper into that, of that ebb and flow of life. So like, I don't know, I want I want to hear on this might be like, put me on the spot. But like, what is the heart centered entrepreneur? What does she mean to you?

Anna Rapp  31:10  
I love that question so much. I'm actually redoing my website right now. So I've like had a chance to like think about like, what are my core values? And like, what does this mean to me? And like, I think like, for me at its essence, like me, my girlfriend talk about this all the time that like the the core of it is that we actually care. A heart centered business heart centered entrepreneur means that like, you actually care about the humans that you work with and support, which sounds what like you're listening to this, if you're Daniel's audience, you're like, Well, yeah, of course, of course, I love my clients. Of course, I care about my clients, but like, it is not that way in all the corners of the online space. And we forget this because like, this is our network. But most of my clients come to me in my programs, and they're like, oh, my gosh, you're Matt. Oh, Mike, you care about me? Oh, my gosh, you. And so I think it's remembering that makes you unique as a heart centered entrepreneur that you actually care about your humans as clients and the results that they get and the light, that doesn't mean that we promise our clients certain outcomes are doesn't mean that we like are codependent and do their business for them. It just means that we deeply care about the humans that we serve. To me is like the core of being heart centered entrepreneur.

Danielle Aime  32:19  
Yeah, I love that. And it is it is it's all about that for me that connection, you know, and then my audience usually calls it like the soul to soul connection. And it is, it's just feeling and it's caring, and where I've even had people like, you remember that about me? I'm not mad about you. Like, I remember you. I didn't just like take your money. You know, like, I'm not You're not a number to me. And you're not just a financial exchange. To me, you're an experience. Yeah. Me, at least me as a coach. I mean, I feel like any anybody that's really coaching people and working with clients, like I learned from them, just from me teaching them I'm like, Nope, I'm making a note for myself, like, I'm gonna revisit that later. You know, like, I'm going to reanalyze that to morrow. And that's just it, like, we have this beautiful exchange. And, and how you said about me is like, yeah, I am, I'm exactly like you see, and whether you're my coach, or my client, or my friend, I'm going to talk to you the same way as if we're like hanging out in my living room. And we're conversating. And we're talking person to person. And even if I'm teaching a business strategy, or we're doing something deeper, it's like, it should be in a place of comfort, a place of safety, a place of non judgment, a place of openness for us to be able to be self because that we don't have like, I mean, people jokes, and now with human design, that there's a guidebook, but there's still no guidebook, like, we can learn a whole lot, just like psychology teaches you so much about the human brain and the complexities of behavior. And I've always found it incredibly fascinating. But it doesn't bring you the answer or a solution for day to day life. Again, there's no linear flat line straight line to this thing. And when we let that go, we let that go. We let the conversations to be free. So with boundaries, of course, like as a coach, or even as a client, but like, just to create that openness of I think we just all have been seeking whether we know it or not. I mean, I can admit it. I know I still seek validation at times, like when I have my little moments, like somebody's telling me I'm doing a really good job, you know, or like, telling me that I'm really good at what I do, because I feel like right now I don't. And I think we're gonna have those moments. It's never to omit the feeling incomplete completely, or omit the hesitancy of creating something new or omit the fear of not being able to have a sustainable business or omit the fear of not selling your programs. It's just that they don't define you anymore. They're just a piece. They're just a thing on that buffet, but they're not the whole like the whole picture, you know? Yeah, so any final words because like I feel like we could go on forever No many ways we talk about things and overlap the feelings but one pleasure to have you as usual and reconnect with you. It's been a hot minute. But like any final words for anybody on their business journeys or human journeys, life journeys,

Anna Rapp  35:23  
I think that's it. It's just been so fun so enjoyable. If you are listening to this, we would love to hear what you think like what insights did you get you can tag me and Danielle on Instagram. I also have a podcast the heart centered entrepreneur podcast, I would love to invite you over there. But I think I just want to say thank you Danielle. You're just such a sweet I love that you said like Soul soul, the soul connection because I definitely feel that with you and I'm just thankful for you.

Danielle Aime  35:50  
Yeah, well, thank you and guys, I will have answers information in the show notes so you guys can check her out easily find her and seek her out if you felt connected to her today. So anyway, I will talk to you guys later. Thanks again for being on the show. And I will talk to you guys next time. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the daring to be human podcast. Until next time, keep on feeling those feelings and expanding further on your soul journey. If you want more, head over to Darren superhuman.com For shownotes links to any resources mentioned in today's episode. And if you are looking to take your human journey to the next level, be sure to check out my private member's community. The links are waiting for you at daring to cumin.com


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