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April 8, 2022

Ep. 48 | Manifesting New Beginnings In Your Present Moment

Ep. 48 | Manifesting New Beginnings In Your Present Moment


New Beginnings, new chapters manifesting within the new chapters of your life. So there's a very common phrase that I use with my clients. And it's just a simple phrase, I'm right where I need to be. And I'm sure if you have been a follower of mine, or have ever been a client, I know you've heard me say the same. And at times that one statement can want, can make you want to just roll your eyes. But if you let yourself see this as an opportunity of new beginnings, how they arise how they form, you will completely change your paradigm. And that's what we're going to talk about today. You want to live where you can fully embrace yourself. You want to live life on purpose and on your terms. You want to tap deeper into your soul as you grow into your purpose work and you no longer want to hide in the shadows. Hey, I'm Danielle, Amy, and I am obsessed with helping humans human. I am on a mission to normalize that we are here to feel, heal, experience, connect and grow. I have transformed many darker sides of this journey into the most incredible life I could imagine. My ducks aren't always in a row. In fact, I think I lost one. But yet I have created a beautiful family comfortable lifestyle and a freedom based business along the way, all while learning to love and accept myself as a soul that's on a human experience. Through my intuitive teachings, real talks and guest interviews, I can help you as we help the world to love ourselves just a little bit more.

Hello, guys, and welcome to another wonderful episode of the daring TV human podcast. If you guys haven't already, be sure to check out the new website daring to be human.com You can leave audio messages, give us some ratings, I would love that and share the show if there is somebody that you know that would resonate with the messages that we share, love the support without your support, we can't really exist. So let's get on with what about new beginnings? And how do we foster new beginnings beyond just this like usual perception of happy go lucky. And you know, thinking that a new beginning means literally that everything has worked out in your favor, boom, it's there, the Taj Mahal has been built, you have $11 billion. So sometimes it's a matter of just looking into the potential that is hidden right in front of you. And sometimes the potential is just merely with yourself. Sometimes it's with an external circumstance. And where you guys block yourselves of calling things in, when you think you already know something, when you think you already know how it's going to come when you tried to state and contort and control how that result is coming to you. Rather than just allowing, feeling seen, your mind only knows what it knows, your mind has been limited in capacity and your mind is held to the 3d plane. It is an external circumstance plane. Okay, this means that everything you're basing your life on, which is where you're going to realize majority of the thoughts in your head are not actually your own thoughts, the little voice that talks to you is not actually you, and that you have a greater power over your life. And what is in it literally from your circumstances. So within circumstances lies opportunity, and why? Well, it's the able you give yourself the ability to be able to see lessons that are repeating themselves. And what you haven't necessarily seen through of why they're presenting themselves yet again, not what your thought tells you of why they're there, but really encompassing and enveloping that situation as an opportunity. So we like to control things, and we want them yesterday. And when we live in the external world you are seeing through your own eyes of your creation of this illusion that you're living in what other people are doing, and then you can constrict and contort yourself to say what you're not. And move yourself to a category that becomes limited opposed to limit lists. And you can feel incredibly imperfect and perfection is just you know, dripping all over your body. And they tell you you know, you know perfect doesn't exist Well, no on the 3d plane perfect will never never, never exist. It's the 3d plane. However, when you ascend in higher states of consciousness and you move beyond the 3d plane, and especially once you hit five D, you are an observer of your life. So there is no bad and there is no good every single a circumstance and event you have brought into your life for some reason, some accord.

And it is teaching you something it is giving you something there is an opportunity there. And sometimes Yeah, the opportunity isn't making the choice to make Move of letting something go of purging something from your system of creating a new habit because your brain just tells you Oh, I can't, they told me that I can't Oh, they said, This is how I am. New Beginnings gives you the chapter to rid yourself of labeling, okay? Labeling what you are, how you are and who you've been. Because one thing you have the ability and new beginnings to do, is to create a new EU. And when we create a new EU, you ever heard the expression that you can't be the person that you've been to be the person that you're going to be? Well, when that really is taking shape and taking form, it's because your personality changes, that's one thing that can be changed as your personality, you can change your personality, but there's a part of you that doesn't want to the part that's attached to the brain, that then sees the opportunities when somebody tells you, you're right where you need to be. And all you see is money not in the bank, or the relationship that's not there, or the shitty job that you're working, or the clients that didn't show up, or the fame that you thought you were going to have, or the social media posts, you want to post just like, you know, the rest of them out there. Because when that event occurs, then you're going to feel really happy, then you're going to feel really beautiful, then you're going to feel really successful, then you're going to feel love, then you're going to know comfort. And the reason why you're right where you need to be is because when you can embody, I'm right where I need to be, you realize in this moment in time of who you are, for what you've chosen for yourself. Everything that is around you, is exactly the creation of yourself. And you can see the abundance in it. Because of the situation I have given myself the ability to see beyond measure and beyond form. In this moment of time of the acceptance that I have for myself, I give myself the opportunity of a new beginning. Because I now as I accept this moment as it is I can glance around it and find gratitude, can find the things that I'm learning about myself can find the things that I'm letting go about myself. I'm finding the things that I'm calling in to myself because of what I'm letting go. Because of what I'm declaring, because of what I'm allowing myself to experience. Underneath all of these layers, I am something so incredibly perfect. Because I am one with the universe. And the universe is incredible. It's oneness, it's everything you may call the universe God. It's an exceptional unit of creation. And you were part of that. It's just this identity that you hold with this person that you look into the mirror with, that you say that you are. So I think I shared this in a past episode, sort of to this degree but today in the collective which is the community that you're always welcome to join. Very low cost by the way. We had a for the higher level there is a co working session. Well today kind of turned into a little bit coaching channeling that occurred and i Yes, I have boundaries. But I also believe that when I'm led to deliver a message I do like so like today earlier, I had a message to deliver on tick tock like Amin was causing me to cry with like, I had to get this message out to people. So today while I was not very long after I had this call, with a few members that were on, and anywho, the point of it is what the thing I want to share with you today again, seen it as a new beginning. And I think I shared in one of the past episodes recently

is making your higher self at this point in time due to the state of consciousness that you reside in. Because you're still so heavily indoctrinated into 3d, you're still very much in the zone of judgment and seeing good and bad. And, you know, I'm on this side versus that side. And they're on that side, and I'm on this side, and oh, they did bad things. And those are bad people, instead of just seeing them as people that are just not consciously evolved. And they're making decisions on that earth plane, of course that they are and nothing is good and nothing is bad. Because depending on the perspective and the situation you're coming from in that world, it's right. And who are you to control what's right or wrong for another person. Okay, you can only do that for yourself. So, what we shared and what I said, which I'll use a different name, we'll just call her Sarah. So, she was talking about how there's, you know, she sees patterns coming into her life and there's, she knows the old version of herself is still there and she just wants her know that like she still loves her and I said of course you'll love her you'll always love her because she's a part of you. You know just and I said in the in the same form Love when we lose a family member and the physical, when they transcend on us like we do, we have memories of that. So, and then I use my mom for an example because my dad died last September. And we were recently talking about a week ago. And I think she's afraid that if she feels good, she has guilt. And that also, if she ever finds like fulfillment in life, that she basically is afraid that she's going to forget my dad, the love, she had the memories, etc. And I said that will live on for eternity. So, there is a version of you, as as you move into the new world, you can not be you won't move into the new earth, you won't, you won't, you'll have to repeat all the systems and patterns. And some of you will and that's okay. Like it's, it's okay, because you're right where you need to be. And don't worry about what's to come you worry about what's now okay, you worry about today, and go look in the mirror and you're gonna see this, this, this human, right, you identify as a human, you might not feel like a human. But you're gonna look in the mirror, you're gonna see this person. And at first, you might not even look into your eyes, but look into your eyes. It's a form that I later discovered is called Mirror work. Louise Hay talked about I don't know if she's the only person again, I did this before I do a lot of things teach a lot of things before I ever hear them. Again, it's just how I channel information. I'm Claire, sentient, and Claire cognizant, and I'm also telepathic, but I did this mirror work for myself years ago. And I would stare at her in the eyes. And when I first started, I hated her and it turned into love. Well, another way to do it is I want you to look at this, this this beam, I called it a creature today, look at this beam that is looking back at you. And then I want you to stare and make deep, deep, intimate eye contact where it's almost awkward, you know, when you stare really in somebody's eyes after a while, especially if it's not like somebody that you're 100 Even if it's not a shit even someone when somebody you're really comfortable with, because they'll have like a little moment of like, okay, that's all weird, like I need to blank or pretend I need to look at my arm. Okay, I want you to get to that point where it's like, oh, I kind of want to look away, don't look in even deeper. And then I want you to look so deep, that you don't see your human form anymore. As you're going deeper and deeper and deeper into this state, you are now going to be able to visualize and create the creation of your higher self, which is what you are self is what you are. Okay. And I want you to envision it as anything that you can be again, I will in case I think I did already again, like I have like little Dory, okay, when it comes to him, the brain doesn't retain have familiarity. I know I've shared this at some point, I don't know if was with a call or a podcast or talking to myself. But for me, I'm androgynous. I'm neither male or female, but I kind of carry both characteristics. I have long, almost dread like hair, I have Shiva qualities he is often or it because technically Shiva is considered androgynous as well. And I know there's there's this very powerful quality, but very central quality of this being kind of a purpley blue complexion, very captivating personality and eyes. And I could keep going back and feel me, that's me. And so I even though when you look at me, you're gonna see this human structure in this human form. But as I'm speaking, I am a higher self. I am my higher self. So what I told one of my members today, who I'm calling Sara, is she has a very gentle, very soothing

energy or mission deals a lot with grief. And I told her to envision herself whether she's an angel, she has wings as she white how like white and glowy I don't know it doesn't matter. But whatever it is that she felt the most resonance with is what she's going to go with. And, and sometimes it takes just that moment of declaration that begins to shift your life. So from this moment on, I want you to take whatever you envisioned and if you want feel free to contact me on the show on this episode, once it airs on Darren to be human.com and let me know what did you envision for yourself? What did you see for yourself? How do you feel about yourself and let that part of yourself for now be an external guide, mentor, to your next stages of your life of what you decide and what you declare, of who you get to become. Let that chapter of you define and guide the new beginnings of your life that are going to manifest into pure form as you move deeper into the five d energies of higher states of consciousness and beyond. Because you are a miracle and you are encompassed and created from perfection. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the daring to be human podcast. Until next time, keep on feeling those feelings and expanding further on your soul journey. If you want more, head over to daringtobehuman.com For show notes links to any resources mentioned in today's episode, and if you are looking to take your human journey to the next level, be sure to check out my private member's community. The links are waiting for you at daring to human.com