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March 18, 2022

Ep. 42 | How to Stop Using The Mind To Find The Answers You Seek with Daniela Sulek

Ep. 42 | How to Stop Using The Mind To Find The Answers You Seek with Daniela Sulek

We are actually going to be talking about something that I was actually confronting or dealing with at this very moment because if you hear me today, I sound a little different than normal because I woke up with excruciating throat pain, and now I'm...

We are actually going to be talking about something that I was actually confronting or dealing with at this very moment because if you hear me today, I sound a little different than normal because I woke up with excruciating throat pain, and now I'm becoming hoarse as the day has continued. And our guest today Daniela Sulek has actually reminded me that my mind does not have to control this as well as my sore throat.

It's just my thoughts of how I'm associating things. And that's really one of the main things we're going to talk about today is how to not let the mind control how you dictate things in your life. And so many ways how that can really inhibit you from a lot of the growth and keep you stagnant where you are, and conflicting with the thoughts that you have as to why you can't go any further. 

Juggling life for years led Daniela Sulek to hit a wall. Her entire way of life and being changed when what she now calls “humaning” led to her developing serious illnesses while pregnant with her third child, and almost cost her life. With her “play your way through life” philosophy, she now helps renowned yet unfulfilled leaders move into the permanent state of ease, joy, and passion. By transcending from the conditioned human to the consciousness of their true self, they shift into effortlessly creating by being, instead of creating by doing.

About 1% of the world’s population functions primarily at this level of consciousness. Daniela sees through the illusion of rigid physical reality and ridicule of human conditioning. Her thirst for truth naturally brought her on a journey of experiencing the self beyond the mind, body, and physical reality. She has brought a leading-edge concept of applied neurophysiology, energy medicine, quantum physics, metaphysics and
higher logic into her daily life creating massive physical, mental, and emotional shifts for herself and her clients.


Danielle Aime  0:01  
You want to live where you can fully embrace yourself. You want to live life on purpose and on your terms. You want to tap deeper into your soul as you grow into your purpose work and you no longer want to hide in the shadows. Hey, I'm Danielle Amy and I am obsessed with helping human team and I am on a mission to normalize that we are here to feel, heal, experience, connect and grow. I have transformed many darker sides of this journey into the most incredible life I could imagine. My ducks aren't always in a row. In fact, I think I lost one. But yet I have created a beautiful family comfortable lifestyle and a freedom based business along the way, all while learning to love and accept myself as a soul that's on a human experience. Through my intuitive teachings, real talks and guest interviews, I can help you as we help the world to love ourselves just a little bit more. Hey guys, in today's topic, today, we are actually going to be talking about something that I was in actually confronting or dealing with in this very moment because if you hear me today, I sound a little different than normal, because I woke up with excruciating throat pain, and now I'm becoming hoarse as the day has continued. And our guest today Daniela Sulek has actually reminded me that my mind does not have to control this as well as my sore throat. It's just my thoughts of how I'm associating things. And that's really one of the main things we're going to talk about today is how to not let the mind control how you dictate things in your life. And so many ways how that can really inhibit you from a lot of the growth and keep you stagnant where you are, and conflicting with the thoughts that you have as to why you can't go any further. So on that note, I am going to give the floor over to Daniela and let her introduce herself to you guys and kind of connect her story as to how she got to where she is today to be able to do and talk about these topics like we are going to have with you guys. So welcome.

Daniela Sulek  1:58  
Thank you. Thank you, Danielle. Amazing introduction. And I'm really happy to be here. I love by the way, the title of the podcast during TV one caught my attention right away. And yes, so a little bit about me. I was human being as we all do, years and years back, I was human Inc. I was doing the corporate world, I was doing the anxiety and depression and the frustration and the Go, go go go. And being a mom and being a daughter and being a wife and hope, everything and then I'm very stubborn. I've been very stubborn Cesar since my childhood. That's the one adjective that I heard from my dad the most. Why are you so stubborn? So um, so I didn't pay attention to the signs, until I'm live really kicked me hard, really hard, because the little clothes and kind of like knocks and kicks I didn't pay attention to I was like, I'm doing this, right? And the live was like, No, you're not. And I really ended up very sick, almost, almost losing my life. Long story short, that was my makeup call. I was pregnant actually with my third child at the time. So that was really scary. And that moment, I decided that something needs to change radically, radically. Because the next time I'm I may not survive. And it did. So it was a long journey. But that accelerated really off finding who I am. That started me to first of all, it was really a refusal to live my life the way I was living. No mother, that everyone else was doing that life. I was like, I'm not doing that anymore. I'm not there is another way we did not come here to suffer. And to just go through this and then die. And the second kind of like driver was really finding an answer to a question who am I? And I would I would talk to a very close friends to you know about that. And they're like, Well, you know who you are and going no, no, I want to know who I am. And I did not realize I kind of literally asked the question and meditated on that. It's kind of like because that question that quest was in me. Things started accelerating really. And I went through a sort of what you can call spiritual experiences and metaphysical experiences and I had out of body experience, I had a straw trouble I experienced myself as a consciousness itself becoming the thought emotions and emotion that I felt in that moment without the mind and body, which was really, really scary and yet fascinating experience at a time, I experienced a couple of times what Eckhart totally, in his power of now book describes in the first chapter really like first, the beginning of the book, The becoming void, meaning meaning collapsing of the mind and the body. So the mind because the body doesn't exist without the mind. So the collapsing of the mind, kind of in the center of the consciousness. So there is a there is a there is a black hole in the center of everything that is that is a consciousness. And that was really fascinating experience. And, and much more. And that led me to where I am today. I, I started, I studied knowing things, so I don't, right now what they do, I help i Help Successful renowned leaders and talented talented intrapreneurs executives, to, to shift to the life of fun ease and joy, because that's who we are just dropping the mind dropping the mass conditioning and creating by being instead of action instead of doing that's who we are. We are human beings, not human doings. And

yeah, I started, you know, I help people remove anxiety, panic attacks, anything mind related, because it exists only on the level of mind. So if when we go beyond the mind and knowing who we are, then we are really, really powerful.

Danielle Aime  7:06  
Okay, one, I have so much excitement to what you just said. So one of the first things that caught me is you talked about the suffering and is there's I never remember if it's like a proverb, a quote, but it's like a Buddhist quote of some sort. And it's like, you know, life is already painful. We choose whether or not we're going to suffer. And like, it's like, I don't know, there's something about life that is challenging. And so I came from having like, lots of depression, I was suicidal. And I mean, for majority of my life, actually, it wasn't until maybe the last like five to seven years that like I started having reprieve and then coincidentally as well. And coincidentally, I started having a lot of spiritual awakening experiences and being led to certain things. And it is the thing that stood out to me most of what you shared with us is the is a big bold question. We actually spoke about this on another show with Laura jack in regards to grief, but it's the question of who am I? Like, who am I? Well, like, what do I want to be who like how do I feel? How do I want to think and I think it's a really big identity crisis for a while and can contain grief, which is where we kind of discussed Laura and I, in the conceptualization of for me, I spent so long under the guise of everybody else's, like decisions and thoughts and the things that I saw the things that I heard. And the things that I experienced to where you start to, like shed these personas of yourself that you realize are not you they're actually other people, like mirroring, projecting leave, I call it leaving their dirty laundry, and your know your aura. And so eventually, you start to realize you have the ability, we have the state of of power and so much regard to like, be like, No, I don't want this anymore. Like I don't, I don't want to have this anymore. But I noticed that there's a conflicting element, though. And that's kind of where I want to dive into is, there's like a bridge before we get to that side of being okay with choosing definitive dislike, like we talked, so right before we got on guys, like, like I said, I had my sore throat and all this other stuff. And I'm, like, I admitted that I can be a perfectionist with certain things. And because I'm still, you know, overcoming that part of myself of feeling good enough was something and so what we had kind of basically discussed though, was like, she mentioned something about like, her life in the past and, or the world around us, and it kind of connected something that's going on currently. And it's like, well, no, like, um, it doesn't matter. Like not that it doesn't matter. But like I'm unbothered in this moment in time, because this is how it supports something and how somebody can see Uri as being insensitive. So that's the portion if that makes sense that I want to dive into it takes a while before you can get on on the other side of the bridge to be so confident. And so You know who you are to know your beliefs know how you feel, and without being bothered by other people's opinions of that stance of that power of choice? Like, how how does one what would be your tips or opinion for somebody when they're in like the tip peak of the bridge? And they haven't they're not comfortable enough right now to be told that they seem insensitive about their opinion about something that's going on or that they're not voicing concern about what's going on right now.

Daniela Sulek  10:40  
Yeah, I think I know now the big one, I'm trying to

I'm trying to say it in not insensitive way. Okay, so, first of all, we just said that life

is full of suffering and challenges. Life is not, life has no meaning. We are life we give me we give meaning to the live. So any suffering is self imposed. And any suffering is created in mind. Without the mind there is no suffering. And that's why if people want to instantly remove their suffering pain challenges, they need to go beyond the mind how, how we can how we can kind of breach here's the thing that it cannot The question was how I can become this strong individual not that I don't care about what's going on, but it doesn't affect my vibration and I know who I am, this cannot come from logic, this cannot come from the mind because mind cannot comprehend these things. It has to come from this deeper knowing which you can call wisdom but it's deeper knowing of who I am, how these world function literally structure of the existence and where do I fit and once you know that, once you have that, then whatever the mind is telling you is completely irrelevant because you know, those are just stories and do not affect you. Getting there is the journey journey all but although it may take 10 or 20 years, and it can be instant, I've seen instant changes, like literally 24 hours, literally a few hours. It's about your villainess, it's about our willingness to go deeper, really deeper. And I don't necessarily mean meditation. And now I'm going to answer the question when you said you know if I can share some tips or give some give some tips, not necessarily meditation, because there are people who meditate for 1020 years and they're still maybe a little bit better, but still reacting to the world to the outside having a lot of fear, anxiety, and then they've meditated and then they meditate. No, it's not like that. You need to go not only thing but you need to start observing yourself. So you need to shift your awareness from out from being aware of the outside and what's going on in the outside world and shifting inside what's going on in the inside world like that, how you shift that and observing what the mind is telling you what are the thoughts you know, everything that is out there is a projection of our beliefs, it's a prediction of who we are. So what we are, that's the life we are living. So if there is any suffering in my life, first thing that the question would be instead of the usual human being well I need to make something about the suffering. No, the first question to be asked should be how did I created it? How did I create it? How come is in my experience, and that takes an enormous amount of willingness and bravery. And and unless really we are animation your journey right like depression and you know suicidal thoughts like unless we are literally sometimes squeezed into the corner where we cannot go anywhere else. We are not willing to do that because human mind the mind really distracts us from from that part and it distracts us the show is no no go here. Look, look what's going on out there or go out with your friends or, you know, pay attention to this until the suffering becomes unbearable, then you end and it can take any form it, you know, in my work working with my clients, it was sometimes depression, that it was suicidal thoughts, it may have been cancer, it may have been, you know, cancer growing in their body, it may have been anything

until the suffering becomes really unbearable, we are not going to shift. And that's why actually, and this is the paradox that the suffering is not there to punish us suffering that it's there is there. So we pay attention to the suffering and ask the question, How did I create it? How, why it is in my life. But now oh my gosh, why is this in my life? Why is this happening? No. Okay, if, if everything goes there is a reflection of my beliefs who I am. What do I believe about the world? How? Because otherwise, the suffering would not be here. And that's kind of a shift from the love consciousness to die of consciousness when then really you meet people who are like, No, I'm just chill. No, I'm it's easy. Oh, my gosh, but you are not stress, stress about what? Oh, my gosh, doing so much fear. Fear about what does the mind doesn't understand it. So then there is a disconnect between these two kind of groups of people. That's not positivity. That's that knowing that knowing who you are. So yeah, ask questions as the right questions. And instead of fixing something out there, that there's that even doesn't exist, because everything out there is an illusion, by the way, and we know that. That the reality is the illusion is not real, the experience of the reality is real, the physical experience of the reality is real, is the projection of our mind. The reality is not and that's why they're all they can shift only when we shift.

Danielle Aime  17:16  
Yeah. Love it. This is such a good conversation like because the thing is, is I think it takes Well, that's what you were you were kind of like, you know, not hinting on, but like, Hey, you got to get to this stage first. Otherwise, this other stages and coming. And I think that's the thing that people need to understand, though, is, it's not a matter that it can't have a quick fix. Like you're saying people can change in 24 hours, it doesn't have to take 24 years. But it does, it legitimately does take you which might take 25 years to make the choice and like you're saying, have the willingness to realize that we are the creators of our own demise. We are the creators. But what was a big boom for me was I lived a large portion of my life. Look what happened to me, Look what you did me. And it was like, even to the point that I think I used my depression as like a way to seek attention. Not that I didn't have it. But it was like I I wore that badge really well to where most of the comments that I had when I was younger was like to get somebody I wanted somebody so badly to ask me what was wrong. Like, I think that's what it was. So that was why I was seeking attention was I was seeking conversation and I was seeking because I missed that as a child. So it wasn't until though y'all until I started really getting to know myself and started having self accountability. That came long before I even started realizing I got to flex the muscle to realize like I got the choice to define who I was going to be and how I wanted to be it. I didn't realize I had that power inside because I still thought it was being controlled by the external world. And it was very conflicting because coming from the place for me of already seeming very insensitive because I was always negative about stuff at that time. Like genuinely negative and pessimistic that when I started in this middle ground, that's actually when I started entering into the world of people pleasing that I didn't want to have because then I'm like, but I don't want you to think I'm still the old version of myself but like I kind of still feel the certain feelings because I always carried some truth because I've always questioned life I questioned religion I questioned politics I quit I questioned parental things that they taught me to be like but that doesn't like yeah, that's one good reason though as to why I can't you know, or, or that doesn't make sense. You're gonna tell me the whole world is going to hell because we don't you know, I grew up in the Catholic religion. So it was just like, I always questioned I just questioned I naturally questioned and so it really questioning everything really is your answer so much one to learn who you are to learn what you like to really learn the truth of the world and so much ways of it's not real anyway, there is like really no truth other than what we define as truth. And that's what I talk A lot of my clients because we deal a lot with emotions, like emotions of the circumstances and these emotions of things. And what I always tell them to do is

I call it like sitting at the round table with all your feelings. I'm not that they're valid or invalid. It's just what you want to give something to. But more importantly, to ask, the question is why you're here. And what I need to learn from you today. A part of yourself like sitting there and having a conversational element, because realizing that if you are sad, if you are angry, if you are in depression, if you are feeling this, what part of you is trying to give you the information to say, here's what you need to see inside of you. Here's what you need to accept inside of you. And here's probably where you need to really be still and let go and bring in comfort and forgiveness and stillness. And I think we live in such a world that I think it's I don't think I see the transition occurring of that whole push do dominance, like the corporate, the corporate ladder, I think is really going to be shifting in the next probably five to 10 years drastically, like crumbling to the ground. But Kant, as you said, logic, cannot fathom what's happening. And it wants to put reason into it. And it wants to, like add analytical data to it. But the reality is, is the more still we are, the more we're going to gain the more we're going to understand the more we're going to learn because we're like surrendering, like you're saying and those moments for me what changed was basically saying I can't do this, like I can't, like gut wrenching cries on the ground. And surrendering to I don't know, what the fuck are surrendering to, but are surrendering in the context of it. When you surrender so deeply, you feel like you've lost everything inside you. But in that very moment, you have gained everything, you have gained everything and every ounce of your being and then you realize the power that you control for self. And that power isn't necessarily like you're saying doing it's been it's that shift. And I think that's also a challenge is we use different words to define and some have different meaning to one than another. Or sometimes I use words that seem maybe like intense or aggressive, but really, in my world, it's like very gentle. And like, still, you know, um, which makes me think of art. When I used to make art. I always thought I was happy. And I'd be like, Why does it seem so sad? I'm like, it's happiness to me, though. So, I guess what I'm saying is like, I know that surrender. And people always ask me, like, how do you get to the surrender? And I'm like, you just you just get there like, I mean, there's not really a path, you know what I mean? Other than the path of questioning, becoming the observer internally in your life, the I call it the put yourself on a branch above yourself, what are you doing? Sit at the table with your emotions? Why are you here today? Why am I triggered today are why am i Whatever today? Why am I bothered by my mom saying this about me? What do I need to what do I need to strengthen? What do I need to see? What do I need to let go of? So like, how do you feel about people? Because I mean, most people obviously grew up in a world majority of suppression of not feeling not associating disassociation, which then like, leaves all the bags, which then eventually causes the pain, because you're not actually focusing ever on what's going on? Right? We're just regarding it. So what is your opinion is in the in the context of once they're transitioning over the bridge of realism of choice. And they're going into the state of higher consciousness and their consciousness is constantly evolving as ours does all the time. And because we're not thinking, we're knowing, and we're living out of that knowing more and more and more Wike when, when we're How do you explain to someone because I think I know I had periods of time of not really understanding, I didn't have anyone else to I guess discuss this with I just kind of did it on my own. As I've been taught other people the other stuff. What went because I still okay, I'll talk about myself, sometimes I'm still in this, this world. And sometimes the mind can still be so incredibly heavy to me. But I'm aware that it's not me like that, that I'm consciousness, the consciousness of self, the consciousness of conception of whatever, of how I see the world is outside of me. But there's times where I feel like I bring it incredibly close to me on purpose intentionally, because it's like, I know that I gained from it. Like, I know that I learn from it. I know that I grow from it. So I sometimes don't try to get rid of things in 24 hours. I like to kind of intentionally sit with it for a while. Um, so I'm not sure I know. I haven't asked the question because I'm trying to figure out how to ask it. Basically, when when do you realize that you are actually controlling them? Does this making sense at all because like, I feel like I can't give you the question. I'm trying to say like, I feel like I like kind of beam it to you. Not from my brain.

Like, I'm trying to think how to say like, I feel like I'm coming from a place of knowing not from a place of thought, when I choose to have the emotions stay with me. So then I have brief moments, though, where I get caught up in the illusion of the emotion like where I'm so deep within an intentionally to like grow enormously, that I buy into the illusion also briefly, and sometimes I do get caught up in it and that moment, and then it takes like, like a mere second or moment, and I can, I mean, I can like, like, leap out of it so far, where I go all the way back where I started. Do you know what that is? Like? Do you know what's happening? I guess is what I'm asking you.

Daniela Sulek  25:44  
I think here's the here's the thing. It doesn't really matter. What do you are going through what you're feeling what you're, whether you're buying into the illusion or not everything is illusion, by the way, when we say Well, we I buy into the illusion, you create your you create your illusion. So knowing that, okay, well, this is more, this illusion is much better, because it's kind of like fun and ease and joy, but it's still illusion. So kind of what I would say. It's the not making that it mother, the mind makes something mother and that's where you were going, like, Okay, I feel these emotions, and these emotions are getting big, big, big, and now I'm in it. And it may take maybe two hours, three hours, maybe two days, but and then I shift. So what you can be there, and you can see yourself having the emotions, but you know that you are not the emotions. So that kind of comes with practice is realizing it's like the deeper knowing of who I am. And then even allowing my emotions are still human, like you're still human, you cannot detach yourself from emotions, the emotions will always be there. But you can observe the emotions, and you can choose to divert right in and be the emotions or you can kind of just observe the emotions and again, not not making it a mother. Okay? It's just is. So when we are set we can knowing that I am no deep emotion, I can be set and I can be depressed. Why would I do that though? I really do you know what I mean? Like, if I know I'm not, then your system automatically switches. So I think that like your system automatically switches and it doesn't even go there. But this is kind of like a practice it's a building of muscle. And then then as I said like sometimes the illusion is rarely good because you know what, say making love or orgasm like you'll feel these completely opposite illusions but you are not like oh no, I don't want to feel it because I'm just consciousness and no, I dive right in and like just enjoy the right but so we but this is the freedom of choosing a thoughts emotions, not knowing knowing that and that's the deeper knowing that I am not the emotions and I can have any experience I want and which time when we kind of like villainess to go deeper and deeper. As I said it becomes naturally and you want even go the deeper emotions, they are not going to show up because your vibration will arise. It's like there will be this block it's there will be this glass wall around you like your vibration will be so high that it cannot even go into depression you cannot.

In the interim, what do we do we still choose sometimes unconsciously because we react to go into the lower vibrations and then we kind of snap out of it like okay, well okay, what am I doing? I know better. And then you jump. So I would say just continuing practicing it and and, and observing and realizing I know who I am. Yeah, that happens. But it's like a it's like a you know, learning how to play piano like there will be some mistakes there will be something but then at the end when you're like really good. You can talk to people and you just you can close your eyes you can you can just play amazingly. So your system takes over and this is what it means to be in the higher consciousness. You are doing anything you are not in the lower consciousness we are doing we are doing healing, first we are doing working and getting money and then we are doing healing, then we are doing our chakra aligning, then I need to do the mind does then I need to meditate. And no, I don't need to meditate. I am a meditation. I don't need to anything, if I know who I am, if I get to that point, but it's really bypassing or going beyond the mind that tricked us tricked us into we need to do something because then we are someone. And really the bravery is into, as you were saying, shedding everything shedding Are you willing to go so deep dead do as you said that you will allow yourself to die as a person as a person? So for example, yeah, I'm still me. But it doesn't matter what people think about me why? Well, because I am not identified with the personality my mind created, I know who I am on the deeper level beyond the mind and beyond these body, which means if I get sick, I'm not necessarily on my gosh, and of the world, because, first of all, the body has a natural ability to, to, to to know what it is to know what it needs to do to get healthy. But also it does not. It doesn't. It does indeed, indeed, identify with that disease. That's what I said at the beginning that it your sore throat on this podcast only matters, if you identify into, oh my gosh, it needs to be perfect. And is to what will they say? It does not matter because you have no control about other people's opinion. But well, you have but in a completely different thing that people think it only matters if you make it matter. So if I don't make my than my sore throat, I can go there and speak in front of the 100 people does not and I will deliver amazing speech. Right? It doesn't matter. And this is the kind of like collapsing of the valley, quote unquote, values and where we place our values and it's this artificial stuff. And the mind really, really locks us in that you need to be someone you need to have these achievements you need to work this is why people work towards the goal and but we we mastered achieve being remastered planning we mastered getting somewhere. But we haven't mastered living. Living now it doesn't matter. And another thing is that we when you said at the beginning, how kind of your journey and depression and, and all that stuff and that you felt like a victim is because like this is the bravery to look at my soul. Like there's always a gain. There's always an I worked with people who are panic attacks, anxiety, they were bipolar, any anything. There's always a game behind every pain, even chronic chronic disease. And that takes real honesty, it's always between you and you. It's between no one else you and you real honesty, what am I gaining from this. And once you know the gain, you bring it you bring the gain from the deep unconscious to the conscious and then you can take a look at it and like oh shoot, I don't want to be living like this anymore. And you throw it away and you're a different person you leave that victimhood mentality for example in the past, right. Yeah, so hopefully that answers your question.

Danielle Aime  34:00  
That's just it like is is I think so like what I constantly and I get like on I actually get frustrated but it's like they're you can't make somebody see it like you have to see it for yourself and and I think for I feel like I wish I could just subliminally do this podcast because like everything I just don't like words I'm just like there's it's an experience like it's an experience to be had not I mean, you can read about it you totally can. And I love that you talk about the power of now that was one of the first books I read like I don't know I think was like 2012 or 20 hours on snow skin. I'm like I hardly ever read a book I read that and a new earth in like a couple days I don't ever do that I love those books by the way brought me back some memory but the reality though is even then I still was very conflicted in my mind however it's like little breadcrumb trails like along the way these like little hints these little hints these little crack doors keep happening. And I'm an analogy goer. Like one of the things that I recently was talking about with some of my clients is It's almost like we living in this cave like a stone cave. And the whole time though we got like these little tools that we could chip chip away. But we're like, we don't even touch them. Because we think well, now this is it. This is what it is. I guess I should decorate the thing. Let me go see? Why bring it up. And so for the longest time, we think that's all that we have. And then say a big storm comes through and all of a sudden a piece of it cracks off and then there's like, there's some light and at first, it's like, oh, no, my cave is cracked. I've always known and had I just hung a picture there. It's broken. That was the biggest opportunity you were ever given in your freakin life. And that's just it when you send that to me, brought me back to you. So like I lost my home, my school, my car, and also years ago from Hurricane Katrina. And I at the time, I wasn't like low. So all my stuff. And this is what I stole was not in a state of higher consciousness, at least in the state of consciousness knowing. And I'm still like, everybody's all like, oh, and I'm like, Well, my main goal is like, How can I somewhat bring some of the normality back into my life? I know, it's not happening yet. But I was not really emotionally affected and distraught by it. I was like, I within the first year, I was like, Damn, if this wouldn't happen, this wouldn't happen. This wouldn't happen. This wouldn't happen. This one habit, I found I couldn't spew out opportunity all day long. I love that I experienced depression so badly that I wanted to end my life multiple times. Because I know what it feels like also to live, I know what it really feels like to be loved and to be happy, because I used to not like I didn't know how to do that. So and also the same thing now is when I when I still have the human moments, and that's why I really like to always let people know like, I'm not done. Like I didn't go back at all of energy or something. They are

Daniela Sulek  36:43  
never know you will be done or we will be dead, right? Yeah. Yeah. And then you come back. And yeah, it's never done. But that's

Danielle Aime  36:51  
just it is like, I started to just really enjoy all the emotions, I enjoy them. Because I don't feel in my opinion of my experience that happiness is any better or worse than sadness, because I also don't see sadness as something worse or bad. I seen as an experience to be had. And when, in my opinion, I shifted that belief system to realize like, not not again, it sounds to those of you who might sound conflicting, but you don't matter. And you don't matter, either. It's just a matter of like, how I feel about it. And I do I embrace all of it. Like I have two little tiny kids like a five year old and a three year old. And sometimes those things bring chaos. Because they're bold, not chaos isn't such a problem. But they're like, why? Chop off the walls, you know, like, love life. And if I don't change my perspective, I can see it as chaos craziness. What are you doing to me? What is this and I go, and this is what I do over and they have been my greatest teachers in my freakin life. I always told myself, I'm like, How can I bring ease in this situation? How can I change it? Because this is my situation. This is my life. But then people's like, Yeah, but your kids, they're your kids doing this? I'm like, No, it's like, what am I doing in this moment that I don't have to feel affected by his experience or her experience? Like, how can I bring comfort and also help them to be in life? Because we are you started in the very Gekko that people don't embrace how it's something so simple that it's like, you know, the answers right there in front of your face, like dangling people. Like I don't see it. I just don't see it. Like the universe didn't give me a sign. It's in our name. Human being, you know, like it's been we're here to be to become more being just to be and it's like, there's no way though there's no way Yes way. Yes, it's the answer. Just like I tell everybody, whether it's the business, the husband, the kid the money, the thing that it will always go back to go on, like you want to answer go get a mirror, go turn your camera on on your phone, you stare at yourself, like hey, what's up bit? Here you are, because that's where you're gonna find it.

Daniela Sulek  39:02  
And what you said was absolutely, absolutely correct. And this and I have three kids, so I know about kids. But you know, it's not chaos. It's not it was when I was human, and they, like it's not. And it's really comes down to these things that we personalize everything, everything and everyone. So this is why I often say I'm like, you don't fix you cannot fix relationship. You cannot fix a relationship with your partner with your kids, with your friends with whoever you can with your ex. You cannot fix relationship. It's between you and you. And they're the number one reason or the only reason why there is a conflict between two people whether we talk on the individual basis, like one person and a person again, parent, Kid to any kind of relationship, or to groups of people, you know, to groups of people on a mass level, because people are looking for themselves in the other person or in the other group, they have a certain various individual in mass conditioning. And so for example, me, if I have an if I function, what I call as a view, conditioned human, when I write I call it a condition, human that I look for, to, to prove. So, I met that to prove my existence, which I know only through my mind through my past beliefs, through my experiences through how I see the world, and I look for the evidence outside. And if that evidence is different than I attack, then I attack because it's very fearful. And it may look like, well, I look at my kid, and the kid is doing something I don't like as a mother, and I freak out, or I'm stressed. And I'm angry, there is always fear, it's a survival fear conditioning under any negative emotion, jealousy, fear, jealousy, anger, frustration, irritation, anything you throw at the other person, your partner, your kids, your neighbor, whatever is your conditioning, and you function on fear, when and in function as a condition human, because at the level of the mind, when we go beyond the mind, there is nothing and there is not conflict, because without the mind, we see the person for who they are, we don't see the person as the illusion we created. So I'll give you the example between two of us. So if I function and if I come if I would come to this podcast, or any other podcast on the level of the mind. And as a condition, human, now I'm thinking, How do I need to show up? What do I need to say? Am I saying the right word? Do I look right? Does she like me? What if she doesn't like me? What if the audience won't like what I say, all the other Bs, and I create my reality because I see you and your podcast through my conditioning, what is the conditioning fear, I need to survive, I need to survive. I cannot be left alone. What if someone doesn't like that, then I'll be left alone, and all other insecurities and Bs. If I drop that, and I come to this podcast is not conditioned as my true self, not as a mind, I leave the mind. I see you. I see you. And then nothing matters. The audience doesn't matter. You don't matter. Nothing matters, which means you have my full attention. I'm not trying to prove myself to anyone. I'm not trying to get anything from anyone, you have my full attention. And my full love. Love is the full attention to full awareness. And then we can have this amazing conversation and what happens I don't control. And you know, the paradox is amazing, magical things happen. Because the audience that the person that needs to hear what I say will hear that. But I'm not controlling it. I'm just being me. So take this to any relationship, as I said, on individual or mass level. It could be like, That's the higher that's when you function and like, yeah, I love everyone. How can you love everyone but they aren't doing this and these are doing this? Well, which side you prefer?

Everything is perfect. I love everyone. While you're weird. Okay. It's the mind works on duality, like don't like Oh, white, black man, women, like all right parent child, the consciousness has no preference. It's just is. And when we get to the point, it's a deep we create deep, deep soul deep relationships. People are like, Oh my gosh, I need to find my soul mate. You can have a soul deep relationship with your children, with your partner with your clients. It's it's beyond the normal. I would say experience is really bad life. That's the richness of life. Yeah, and that's why we are here.

Danielle Aime  44:55  
Yeah, I love this like about about a minute and a half ago for About three minutes, I was like, this is like the synopsis of daring to be human. Like what you were stating was, I built this whole thing off of a feeling No, like a just a knowing and a feeling, not a thought. I just noticed that before we got I always bring people because there's those that come into like, oh, what's the question? I'm like, we don't do questions like, we just read it here. We're in this experience. And like, even when you're talking, I'm like, I can feel you the whole time I can feel you like I experienced you. And it is, it's almost like, you cannot, not literally, but maybe, like you almost step outside of this stuff. And you're just like, chillin on the side, like hanging out. And it's so cool. Like, every time I do these episodes, that's what you said was like, that's what we're doing. That's it. That's why I do this. It was never for any kind of anything. Like I went into the intention of I'm just doing it because I feel like it I like it, I want it. And I know, there's even if it's one person hears this message, that's why I do this. Like, I never went into it with any intention of expectation of what it needed to become how it needed to look what people needed to say, I honestly could give zero shits, like I love doing these things. Like I love the conversations I have, even if the whole premise is for me to have cool conversations. Awesome. I love it. You know, but I know that that's not it, you know what I mean? Like,

Daniela Sulek  46:13  
yeah, but also the paradox is that it creates such a huge momentum, because you are not trying to get anything from anyone or, or from anything from the podcast, then you're allowing the natural mechanism of control, not the mind control, but the natural natural mechanism of control that has been built in the structure of existence to take over, you can call it divine, well, you could call it God, like, you can call it anything. And this magic just happens. And you asked me for a tip earlier. And I just I just thought of something and I just want to share it. Because usually, really unlike whatever I just say whatever comes to my mind, I don't have a filter, because there is no thought behind it. But here for everyone who's listening, and it really wants to understand, for example, the conditioning they are in. Because people are like, Well, how do I know? Well, I try to go around for one hour, two hours a day or two, without the intention of getting something from someone or a situation, being completely neutral, and seeing people and talking to people not and adjusting your language and thoughts and emotions, and how you whatever you do, because you want something from them. Or from a situation, but be the complete now trollee I don't want anything from you try to talk, try to interact with your children before dinner, or after the or during dinner. Not wanting anything from them not wanting to be It's scary. It's scary like shit. Because sorry, because for example, as parents, we care for you. We care for our children, right? As a responsible mother and like it's in our mass conditioning again, well, but they need to be healthy, they need to succeed, they need to produce and if Oh my gosh, if they do this, they are not going to succeed. See how I am trying to fit them into my view? What success is adding the because my view is conditioned view of the society? No, I don't I take it and I'm like, any any question I answered. When they asked me why What should I do? What bla bla? You know, I don't know. The answer I get is kind of question. What do you want to do? Well, yeah, but you know, what do you want to do? How do you feel about that? I don't, even if it's something that me as a condition human do not agree with that answer. When they give me answer. It's my problem. And I go and like who? Alright, so there is more conditioning to do. Right? But this is it. And then those people, those little kids are just thriving are just happy or just and they have like, there is no box in their mind. And this is I think where we are heading towards to, you know, as a humanity, but we, you know, I work with, I work with family sometimes and you know, with other children of anxiety or depression or suicidal thoughts, right? And I work with parents and like, yeah, it's you. It's you. And I'm that serious. Don't Don't you don't need to fix your children's anxiety. They have your conditioning and your conditioning needs to be fixed. And then series miraculously things shift when the parent's shift. So, I mean, it is, yeah, it's fat, it's fat, I can attest that I did it in my family like, that's the only way how you can control anyone, is by shifting you. And you know what? And you know why? The secret is why, why is that? Because there is no one out there. You look at the people, and you need them to change, change, so you feel better. But everyone in your life, as a soul family are only a prediction of your consciousness of your mind. And you pre plan these and this is a much deeper maybe for another video for another session. But there is no one out there. So how do you change your kids? How do you change your partner? How do you change your ex partner? So she's not a bitch anymore? Or whatever? your clients, your clients? Oh my gosh, people are oh my gosh, these clients? Well, if you don't like your clients, there is something in you that you need to change. There is no one out there.

Danielle Aime  51:06  
Right. Yeah, it's true. Even if you don't want to hear that to be the truth this season. It's the truth. But anyway, I think that was a phenomenal ending, by the way. And yeah, I I'm not gonna lie to you, the first person I had and a hotbed that you think a lot like I do, or we're on the same wavelength of like, the neutrality that a lot of people, it's very awkward for them to feel. I call it like, just the middle, like, go into the middle go into that. And they're like, oh, but it's not a good place. I'm like, yeah, oh, it's Oh,

Daniela Sulek  51:37  
it's a place beyond the mind where the mind cannot exist. Yeah. Because mine again, mine is duality. I like I don't like well try not to neither. What do I do? Neither. What is that? See? And that's why it's so hard.

Danielle Aime  51:52  
Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Well, it was wonderful, wonderful having you. And I would absolutely love to have you on the show again, because I think we could have some incredible conversations because you carry a lot of depth and that I loved up. And this is what I'd love to bring more into the show as well. So thank you for being with us today and sharing some wonderful, insightful things. And also just another way of talking about it also, I think can help people understand it or whatever the hell's going on. So thank you so much for being with us. And I will talk to all of you guys later on another episode of thank you so much for tuning into another episode of the daring to be human podcast. Until next time, keep on feeling those feelings and expanding further on your soul journey. If you want more head over to daring to be human calm For show notes links to any resources mentioned in today's episode. And if you are looking to take your human journey to the next level, be sure to check out my private member's community. The links are waiting for you at daring to human.com


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Juggling life for years led Daniela Sulek to hit a wall. Her entire way of life and being changed when what she now calls “humaning” led to her developing serious illnesses while pregnant with her third child, and almost cost her her life. With her “play your way through life” philosophy, she now helps renowned yet unfulfilled leaders move into the permanent state of ease, joy and passion. By transcending from the conditioned human to the consciousness of their true self, they shift into effortlessly creating by being, instead of creating by doing.

About 1% of the world’s population functions primarily at this level of consciousness. Daniela sees through the illusion of rigid physical reality and ridicule of human conditioning. Her thirst for truth naturally brought her on a journey of experiencing the self beyond the mind, body, and physical reality. She has brought a leading-edge concept of applied neurophysiology, energy medicine, quantum physics, metaphysics and higher logic into her daily life creating massive physical, mental, and emotional shifts for herself and her clients.