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March 14, 2022

Ep. 41 | Practical Manifestation

Ep. 41 | Practical Manifestation

Do you ever get kind of frustrated with the whole aspect of mainstream spirituality, especially in terms of manifesting to where it makes you want to like roll your eyes, hide in the closet and say, Fuck this shit? Well, listen up today because I'm...

Do you ever get kind of frustrated with the whole aspect of mainstream spirituality, especially in terms of manifesting to where it makes you want to like roll your eyes, hide in the closet and say, Fuck this shit?

Well, listen up today because I'm going to give you some practical manifesting tips that legitimately can help guide you on your way opposed to making you continuously spin your tail. 


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Do you ever get kind of frustrated with the whole aspect of mainstream spirituality, especially in terms of manifesting to where it makes you want to like roll your eyes, hide in the closet and say, Fuck this shit? Well, listen up today because I'm going to give you some practical manifesting tips that legitimately can help guide you on your way opposed to making you continuously spin your tail. You want to live where you can fully embrace yourself. You want to live life on purpose and on your terms. You want to tap deeper into your soul as you grow into your purpose work and you no longer want to hide in the shadows. Hey, I'm Danielle, Amy, and I am obsessed with helping humans human. I am on a mission to normalize that we are here to feel, heal, experience, connect and grow. I have transformed many darker sides of this journey into the most incredible life I could imagine. My ducks aren't always in a row. In fact, I think I lost one. But yet I have created a beautiful family comfortable lifestyle and a freedom-based business along the way, all while learning to love and accept myself as a soul that's on a human experience. Through my intuitive teachings, real talks, and guest interviews, I can help you as we help the world to love ourselves just a little bit more. Hey, guys, welcome to this show. So like I said, in today's episode, I really want to talk about practicality. So I think like there's practicality behind anything or sustainability behind anything. And I think there are so many times in life to where, you know, there's this magic way of doing something that's presented and then the reality behind it is it's not going to really work out that way. And no, and then you become cynical over it. Because it's incredibly frustrating let's be honest, it's incredibly frustrating. When you hear people out there that's like, yeah, you I mean, just think positive things and positive things will happen. Well, what happens if your mental state you are more mentally susceptible, or you for whatever reason not even susceptible, you just have more of a fragile mental state. That doesn't mean you're a weak fucking person. It just means like, you may have suffered from more mental health issues and other people. I mean, I'm definitely one, I have had a whole lot more mental things happen in my mind, then, like when I talk to other people, like even though like my husband has PTSD from war, and probably even PTSD from like, abandoned as a child, but especially for more, but the way some of the mental states have been in since feminized men, you know, together the last 12 years. I mean, they still very like are very, I know, vastly vary. And

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it can feel really frustrating, right? Okay. Or I have had people to our I mean, even acquaintances and friends of mine. I've spoken with them. I'm like one offhand like I spoke with and she personally has no idea really what depression feels like, she's only experienced it through her husband. And she knows what he feels like she knows how low he's gotten, how low he's thought. So obviously, mental health is not just that, I mean, it's a plethora of things. But what I need you to understand is that that's what makes us so unique, why everybody's way isn't going to work for you, and why every single thing that you apply yourself to isn't probably going to happen or hasn't happened yet. So the grasp is as far as what I will call right now practical manifesting is one that is the whole agenda behind figuring out where you currently are and being very honest with that, so bypassing emotions occur when we are not being honest with where we are because there's a difference between being defined by them being enveloped by them being a victim by them, etc. Versus up here's my feeling you kind of like yep, I'm done and you let that shit go because you're going into a higher state of consciousness you're moving into your knowing you're no you're not that feeling but the reality is is that can take some time before you get to that state why you have been driven and led by your mind and then there is a certain portion of your life which even some of you right now as you listen to this episode today and I tell you this your minds gonna be like yeah, okay fucking idiot like nope, and the reason it's gonna might not say that literally but it's not it's going to have disbelief when I say this as you have certain portions of your life where your mind literally can't jump on this bandwagon. It's not going to understand and that is just it, you have to get it off of it in order for it to come to you. So if you're trying to call in all these mycologists the magic is okay like when there are those that are and all people out there are not lying. There are those Yes, there are complete frauds who are totally taking advantage. And using spirituality using new age practices, which are not new age, using natural magic that exists in all of us our exquisite state of being, and they take advantage of it for marketing principles and to scam people, right? So everybody is not like that. So I try to see the glass as half full. So let's just say 10% of the people out there are scams. So there's this 90% of people that exists in the world, and they may have completely derived their entire businesses off of say manifesting. And I'm going to share something that comes from myself, like from a state of, I don't know, not really something I've said out loud too many times. But it's something I realized it myself, like, over the years, it's probably been about almost five years, maybe a little less since I was in the space. So I was in a group. And from a person that teaches from complete the aspect of manifesting, like, not targeted just a business or anything like that just manifesting things in your life and having it like the world of abundance in your favor. So I always found it appealing. Okay, that's not true. There were times in my life when I rolled my eyes out, it was like, Yeah, I'll never have that. Okay, so I always had a portion of my life where I segmented myself from it, okay, so it's like, say, stage one, or like, point 1.5. So then eventually, I got to this stage, which was way, way after my, you know, cynical Ness. But eventually, I got to this stage of like, I saw it as, like, kind of exciting, hopeful, neat. Oh, that's, that's interesting. And, you know, probably came in years prior watching the secret. And hearing about a few other things about learning about manifestation that was even existed. And we get to create a world and I'm like, wow, that's really cool. Like, I want to do that. And then like, in that second, I'm like, I'm calling it a million dollars. Yeah, well, like, there's a lot, there's a lot more going on there. Right. So that's when we are simplistic, yet such complex beings. And this is where varies from person to person. So that person that you know, may have been this entire time being able to call things into her life, she may not have suffered from mental health, the way that we have, maybe she did, and she has a different way of applying it. But this is the perspective to understand you don't know, even regardless if they came from a bad past or not, or whatever we define as bad or good. You don't know how she's attached to her mind or not, you don't know if she's been a daydreamer, you don't know if she always carried this magnetic quality about herself that she looked in the mirror. And even though people may have made fun of her, or she could have been bullied and all the stuff, she may have still had a love for herself. Okay, and I think these elements are really super important. Because if you hadn't been carrying these elements, these are things that then you do not believe inside of yourself, therefore, you're cutting off the energetic ties to be able to call more into you, because you simply don't believe it, because you're controlled by the mind. So the thought is everybody else is like, the negative thoughts. And really, even the positive thoughts in general, are just programming. Okay? That's why when we start to act outside of thought and inside of knowing, which is really that that pure space of the best explanation I can give you when people are journaling their manifestations out or dancing their manifestations out or chant whatever the fuck you're doing, okay? Like I write a diary differently. Envisioning embodying, really, is that you're going into a space beyond your mind that that's why they say you can you feel it, you feel it, and you believe it, those things come first, those things matter so much because those things are what is now manipulating in a good way and influencing your thoughts. So we hear these words like manipulation, and we automatically want to dismiss them like, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's a bad thing. But what if you have the ability because you act out of a different state of being because when you are being you are acting out of a different state, you're acting out of your state of knowing you're acting out of a higher state of consciousness. Okay, you're now kind of harnessing conscious of conscious superconscious all at the same time. And like giving each one of them like a little, a little agenda, the little piece of the puzzle that they need to know to influence them like you might be bamboozling them into believing that you deserve this certain thing. Okay, so you can manipulate the mind to realize like it but then it's manipulated in favor of yourself, manipulating it to get away from the programming that it thinks and it's been contained, possibly because of the mental state that you've had the majority of your life. If you've been a pessimist, if you've had a lot of self-esteem issues, if you've just simply just spoken and had really shitty self-worth, Hello raising my hand. Okay, like I was a person for so long and still caught myself like a couple of weeks ago, kind of going on like Seibert here. But this is how important it is, of how deep this shit runs. And that's how much our thoughts are so contaminated that I really miss the perspective of everyone. But I was talking with a neighbor or kids were playing because we have daughters that are of the same age and long story short, I made some kind of comment. And it wasn't like I was just speaking freely about whatever we were talking about. And then I made a comment of like, yeah, you know, I haven't really seen him as I feel like I haven't amounted to much and like her jaw dropped, like, Are you kidding me? Like you think you haven't amounted to something? And it's like, no, I like when I sit and break that down. No, I know, that's an invalid thing. But that shows me that told me at that moment, it made me realize that my mind still sometimes will leak out into my system, and cause me to think of what I am.

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So this is the importance of when you realize and you start to really harness the power of yourself, you harness the power of manifestation. And there's a line because again until I did the work, I'm going to call it that because everybody's like, so taboo about fucking saying the word work these days. Until I did the shit, that was incredibly painful, and stop looking for the fucking easy button for everything. Meaning, when we're in the stage of looking for the easy button, we don't realize that we have the power to make life easy. We are looking for something to save us. So that's the difference of perspective, we are suffering. And we don't realize that we're causing our own suffering, okay, suffering is a choice. Suffering is a complete choice. And we're, we can be manipulated by guilt, we can be manipulated by fear and all this other shit. And so then we're sitting in this space, in which you feel guilty. That, especially if you're not feeling something bad like you should be feeling something bad. So again, if you've been a person that always feels something bad, well, you're gonna feel guilty that you're not, someone's gonna feel off, it's gonna feel like oh, well, like up here comes that leak, it's coming back in and let you know it's not there. So that's what the work does is allow you to get to the point to recognize when the leaks coming in, to be so hyper-aware to realize like, hey, whoo, my water pressure is off right now, something might be leaking, okay, like something might not be wrong. So like, let's do some strategic analysis here, very basic, like step one, like, Let's Ask a neighbor is there pressure down to their pressure and you ask one or two neighbors and their pressures not down, okay? Might be a problem inside of the house. Okay, like something that's actually going on inside of the pipes. And even though it could be outside of your house, because I had that happen years ago. So the point of it is, is like you when you become hyper-aware and realize that your pressure is done instead of being so voided out into your life, you realize something that's not you, you realize something is not going in your favor, and why is that happening right now? Okay, so the second thing that I can give you about in and this took some time again because I was a person that was very attached to my emotions and my feelings defining how I was, I mean, I still have my moments of that today of how that happens for me, but the second thing was more of realizing that like for example, money, especially money for a lot of people is emotionally attached to what's not they're emotionally sad in by debt, or emotionally saddened by something not working. When you disconnect emotion and, and I guess you'd say feeling but  I wish it was different words to use right now.

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When you attach, like I can have a shitty day yet still fucking make $10,000 Like I could be fighting with my partner or my kids or my mom or had a flat tire or fucking broke my arm and I can still make $10,000 today, because money is a like, like, it's just a default you you declare it and is there, okay? Like things are just currencies money to meet, let's call it a thing, okay? It's just it's a currency. It's an energy exchange. It's just another frequency. Another radio station dial that's on you can have numerous stations. And you can have numerous stations inside of yourself. So you can still feel your feelings and feel your emotions and detach them from because nothing should be attached to you. Which means then you're defining yourself by it. Detach yourself from money, equal happiness, and just see money equals then money brought me the trip to France money equaled me paying my house off money equaled me giving my mom money for whatever, money equaled me buying myself a brand new car. I've never had one in my whole life. So it equals a thing. Okay, then the thing brought what me now having a brand new car means that I'm not in the body shop all the time, or whatever the hell happens. Like I'm not breaking down all the time I have more reliability in my life. Wow, that brings a whole lot more peace to me. So it's not the car doesn't bring happiness, the money is not bringing happiness, the money actually usually brings things. Okay? Which then yes, we can break that down further the thing can bring an experience, which then, in turn, can invoke emotion. But if you detach the emotion from the money, you can get the money, because emotion is not what's bringing the money in is the belief system of attaching to the currency, dialing into that frequency? And just simply believing that it's possible, okay? It's like knowing when you go and hit whatever radio stations your favorite if you listen to the radio, and a lot of people don't anymore, you know, and depending on where you're located, you might have to get that radio station why you're not in the frequency for you're not in the right location. You're not in the right headspace. So be practical with yourself of what you're working with. So in that headspace, is there a workaround right now? Should I compartmentalize right now, it's not I'm choosing to compartmentalize right now I'm not doing this through bypassing it sometimes there save it for later is that right now is not the focus, I do want to talk to this emotion, I want to sit at the table with it, I want to honor it. But right now I'm not particularly in the space yet that I could give it my full attention. So therefore feeling sit to the side for a little bit, I'm going to focus on other things, let other radio stations come in right now. And then maybe later this evening, you and I shall talk because you matter. Okay, so then you validated the thing inside yourself, but you're able to bypass it because you're coming I want you to see like literally just I don't want to call like your lung cavity, okay, like your entire core, your physical torso, I want you to see that as like your knowing center, let's just call it that. Okay, we're not saying literally, for somebody that's fucking out there that does something that needs to like have labels, then you still have some work to do. So let's just say in your, your core, okay, your literal torso, this thing has receivers and this thing has the sense of knowing and this, this ability to communicate with your higher self, you as your Higher Self communicate with the body through this area. Okay. And for the longest time, your mind is so loud, even if you're a quiet person, your mind is so loud that it dismisses other messages that could be coming through other radio stations coming through because you have just been. You've been told in the environment you lived in to never change the radio station. This is what we listen to. This is what time this comes on. Do not turn the radio station. And then one day you're vacuuming you accidentally hit the knob and you're like, oh shit, like what station is this? Okay, so that's when Oops, there's a, there's a time in your life, a book, a person, a coach, a song, a meditation, or whatever that came into your life and you're like, fuck, and that's when you start to believe that those things outside of you will then change you. Really all you did was change your space. You allowed another station to come in another frequency in, but your brain is still very heavily like, Yeah, but no, that wasn't you. That was me. Okay, so when you start taking the brain of it telling you that it's me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me and you go, No, I Am. I Am that I Am. I Am I Am that I Am. And you frequently like you embody that frequency of self. And you go into your divine power of your divine right of your divine expression of the permission that you were born into, to have to be to receive. You are not helping anyone ever in your life by being in lack. You are when you are not living and seeing money as a feeling. You are not greedy. When you are not living for things, you're not living for the wrong reasons. You're living for yourself. How might I how do I thrive in this life? So how do you get started if you feel like you haven't really moved the dial much on your radio station? will sit with yourself like some people. I mean, you don't have to do it there. I don't do shit through manifestation and stillness. Often, I mean, I do have the ability to shut my mind off. I do. I have learned that. And I just realized like, I'm not my mind. And like, maybe repeat that over and over again. Like you are not your mind. My mind is an organ. I am not my mind. My mind is just an organ. Like how much time during the day do you think of your fucking toe? Like, you know what I mean? Like, you just downplay your brain, okay? And see it as a counterpart inside his body that allows you to do really cool things, okay? allows you to have experiences and allows you whatever right opportunities as well as downfalls because it's your choice of which way you're going to move it. It's your choice whether or not you're going to like sit and swim in it, or you're gonna be like, Oh, look, wow, there's a record The side of the road. Oh, yeah, that's not my problem. Oh, look emergency personnel on tow trucks coming. Okay? That doesn't mean that I am a heartless bitch. It means that that's not my space. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be here. I am grateful that I get to continue on my journey. I'm grateful for me, I'm grateful. I'm grateful because I Am that I Am. I Am powerful, I am magnetic. I am unique. I am extraordinary. I am on my own experience. I am limitless.

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I am nothing yet I am everything. I am only the perception in which I wanted to find myself in life. And when you can move into a practical perception based on where you currently are, it's not a state of permanence. It's not a state of punishment, you honor where you are, which is the same thing if we want to go a little bit basic as I an Italian this up today is when I was a person learned about the law of attraction through the secret and then I'm like, oh, I'm gonna get like, you know, whatever the hell it was, was something completely outside of my frequency. But let's say I had only been making $1,000 a month and then I'm like, I'm getting a $100,000 check tomorrow. One, I added a timeframe that was completely unrealistic to my system, I definitely did not believe that was possible to I added an unrealistic amount of money to be made with no attachment to how that was coming in. Because my brain couldn't fathom that that could happen because, at that time in my life, I didn't even have $100,000 year. Okay. So that's where you have to have a realistic grasp of where you are. And you do start more like paced pace yourself. So that you're not you're meeting yourself, you're able to set your expectations so the side because they're not even present cuz you're like, Yeah, I mean, that's doable, like a parking space, that's doable. $1,000 for some people is doable. If $1,000 still feels like a whole lot of money to you, then start with $100. Okay, like start with your first client, detach the amount of money, the expectation, if you're selling something, detach, what they're buying, like detach yourself from something and just envelop in what it feels like to have a client envelop what it feels like just to make $100 and validate what it feels like to make $1,000 Then worry about them going further and going more going deeper because you have got to meet yourself where you are because it has everything to do with everything that you're not. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the daring to be a human podcast. Until next time, keep on filling those feelings and expanding further on your soul journey. If you want more head over to daring to be human calm For show notes links to any resources mentioned in today's episode. And if you are looking to take your human journey to the next level, be sure to check out my private member's community. The links are waiting for you at daring to human.com