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March 11, 2022

Ep. 40 | Reclaim Your Power

Ep. 40 | Reclaim Your Power

I want to talk about the bridge, the bridge of where you've been, where you are, and where you're going, and how sometimes it feels like your feet are concreted right in the middle and you're not able to move, you're not able to leave, and you don't...

I want to talk about the bridge, the bridge of where you've been, where you are, and where you're going, and how sometimes it feels like your feet are concreted right in the middle and you're not able to move, you're not able to leave, and you don't exactly know what's going on.

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In today's episode, I want to talk about the bridge, the bridge of where you've been, where you are, and where you're going, and how sometimes it feels like your feet are concreted right in the middle and you're not able to move, you're not able to leave, and you don't exactly know what's going on.

You want to live where you can fully embrace yourself. You want to live life on purpose and on your terms. You want to tap deeper into your soul as you grow into your purpose work and you no longer want to hide in the shadows. Hey, I'm Danielle, Aime, and I am obsessed with helping human team and I am on a mission to normalize that we are here to feel heal, experience, connect and grow. I have transformed many darker sides of this journey into the most incredible life I could imagine. My ducks aren't always in a row. In fact, I think I lost one. But yet I have created a beautiful family comfortable lifestyle and a freedom-based business along the way, all while learning to love and accept myself as a soul that's on a human experience. Through my intuitive teachings, real talks, and guest interviews, I can help you as we help the world to love ourselves just a little bit more.

Look, guys, I get it, like life can be a real butthole. And I think I've talked about this in a previous episode. It's like the Ace Ventura movie. He's like a rhino and he comes out of the butthole. So it's not a real Rhino by the way. It's like a prop that he's in and like in disguise and he comes out of the butthole while a couple of months ago, I described that to some of my membership group. And it's when the kind of like an inside joke sense. And the reality is, is it can genuinely truly suck. And it can feel like you're in this confined space as Jim Carrey was in a span tour inside this confined element. And then he had to exit his way out of this small little hole, okay, and life sometimes all it gives you and all it sheds to you like this little tiny pinhole in which you have to find and make a way through. This is a part that's really hard. And I want you to know that you've heard, they want you to know that you're not alone with us that you may have done so many things so far, you may have gone to healers, you may have gone to therapists, you may have journaled yourself through it, you may have done some Reiki energy work, energy healing, self-development work, we could go on for days. And you've acknowledged a problem. You have acknowledged a limit, you have brought to the surface things that once hurt really bad. You've brought to the surface things you didn't realize that you have hidden away. Now what, right? Why does it seem like these things are still getting in the way? While sometimes it's literally the mere choice of not feeling like you're worthy to receive something more than the blockade in the system, you still are programmed in the mindset of the push the force the doing opposed to being a human. And

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recently, so sometimes I record guest episodes way before they come out. And I did one recently, in which her name is Lexi Wilson. She'll be out later in the month, or possibly next month in what she said a friend of hers calls this earth school and I was like, I love it. Okay, this is it's very much like Earth school. Okay, so I want you to see it. Like, if you treat it like that, I think you might give yourself a little bit more grace. Because I don't know if you're anything like me, I've gone to school, you know, different grades of school, do all these different levels all the way up to college, university, depending on where you're from. And there's a lot of shit in there. That's complete bullshit. I mean, like, legit, like, why are we learning this? Why do I even when you're especially when you're in college like you have picked something that you want to do that you potentially enjoy, love, and care about? And then they're like, oh, by the way, here are some prerequisites for you like history and English, even though you're an art major and going into graphic design, which was my first major and it was like, why am I learning is Okay, so those are the stages and stages of life. This ohms No, we don't really enjoy it, but it is part of the curriculum of being human. Okay. So just like a class in college, they're not they're actually not very long. It's not like as long as it feels to be like an eighth grade. You know, it's shorter, you don't go every day. So if anything like College gives you a whole lot more opportunity to explore what's going on there to break away from what's in front of you to give a new perspective and almost see it as like this is temporary. This is temporary. I'm going after it. I know it hasn't ended and I'm done. So you have the opportunity in your life when you come from the other side and say you're stuck a golf the bridge and you're in the middle of it, whatever that is and the reality is There's not one bridge to your life, there's not one time you heal something and then you're done for the rest of the time, there's no more human being, okay? Because you're here to human. So the human experience contains emotions and feelings and circumstances and environments to which you then react or respond to. And when you are reacting and responding out of frustration and out of feeling stuck and out of feeling like the universe is doing a disservice to you, well, you're gonna continue to feel like the universe is doing a disservice to you, at least in that one particular area, because that's where you're focusing what Yes, comes into our lovely cliche forms of manifestation and all that other jazz, right? Those things are real, those things are often misconstrued. And so what I want you to hear today, and what I want you to give yourself the grace of is the acknowledgment that I have made myself stuck because I fear for where I'm going. Because I don't know what that looks like, for me. I don't know the identity of what that could be. I don't know who I actually am without these things. So I've uncovered that I don't need them, I uncover that they do a disservice to me, I uncover where they even came from and who they started from, and all this other jazz. You might even no formal terms that comes with like shadow work, or whatever hypnotic languages and all this other shit and formalities. But then yeah, you have all this information of all these tools, read all these books and did all these things and you're still standing there. You don't know how to get to the other side? Or you get there? Is it is it because the gates closed? Is it because your have a Do Not Enter sign telling you to not go across? And if there is one, did you put it there? The do concrete your feet into the ground? Did you hide the key? Are you telling yourself that it's hard? Are you allowing your mind to tell you that it's hard? So in this moment of time, if you can, if you're not driving, if you're driving, you're fine. I'm not gonna put you to sleep. I don't do hypnosis. I also can't be hypnotized personally. So here you are. And I want you to tell yourself if you can close your eyes if not no big deal. I'm not my mind. I am Me. I Am that I Am. I Am everything. Wow, that's incredibly overwhelming for me. I'm everything. I'm a part of everything. But I'm just so meek, and I'm so small. How can I be part of everything? How can I be something so extraordinary? I'm just ordinary. I'm just me. But that idea is what's extraordinary. You, you. You feel it in your body wherever you have any kind of like,

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I don't know, picking up on some I'm feeling some variances of energy moving, especially like in your chest, which makes me feel like some of you guys have anxiety and or stirring up emotion. It's not out of shame. It's not a disappointment or frustration. It's just a feeling. So recognize I have a feeling and it could be even not even up. It might just be a ho-hum feeling. Okay? Just recognize the feeling that you're feeling whatever it is. All of them are valid. Every single feeling anybody feeling exuberant, cool, joyful, triumphant, okay, recognize the emotion. And then I want you to disassociate it from the mind. A mind a brain, name it if you want. Hey, Joe, up there. Can you sit down? Can you sit down next to me or behind me? I'm not feeling particularly comfortable with you in front of me anymore. Not because I don't want to face you. But I think it seems like you don't want to face me. I think you don't want to see the power that I have the ability to control my own destiny in my life. You have made me to believe that I needed to be controlled by you and captivated by you in the chambers of your fear. And in this moment, and in this time, I'm going to learn to recognize that I am not you am not my thoughts. I am me. I am more than just a human skinsuit just like when you go to college or any school and no worries if you haven't done any of it. Whenever you've done anything, you're not your job. You have kids, you're not just a mom If you have a partner, you're not just a partner. If you have siblings, you're not just a sister or brother. You are a person. You are a being you go beyond being a person, you're a spiritual being, having a human experience, and you're at the School of Earth. There are all these different classes, all these different majors. Some stupid ass prerequisites that they make you take. Sometimes you feel like you fall and fail them. Hey, guess what, when I was in college, I failed a couple of classes I had to repeat, just to get a degree that had nothing to do with the class that I failed. But I did it made me feel something inside made me realize after all those years, I got this piece of paper. I don't even need it for anything. Other than there was something inside myself that needed to know that I could. So sometimes we have these lessons. We have these situations that occur just to show us who we get to be from them. Show us the strength that resides within us. Because we often downplay the shit out of it. We do not let ourselves sit on the pedestal because someone told us if we're there, we should feel shameful. You're egotistical, you're full of yourself, you're being selfish. You're not letting other people shine. But the reality is that when you really let yourself shine, you're the beacon of light for so many. You by choosing yourself become a pinhole of light to another person's life. That's how extraordinary you are. I want you to see yourself that if every star in the sky chose to never shine, it's light, there would be no stars in the sky. There'd be no magic in the sky. Right looks kind of boring. Not really. But you know what I mean. So if you are one of many stars, one of many beings here on this on this earth, and every time you choose yourself, your light, your light turns on your beautiful, beautiful shining star, that when somebody sometimes looks up at it, you put a smile on their face. You bring them peace in their heart. Give them a sense of knowing that they belong in a world. Sonos makes no sense. A world of illusion, a world of contrast, a world of polarity, a world of joy, a world of pain, a world of nothingness. But in that world of everything, you are something and you're someone. And you get to do so many different things, so many different experiences, so many different majors, you get to change the course of your life continuously. Give yourself grace for exactly where you are. And then this moment, I want you to look down at your feet and realize that they were chained to nothing. I want you to realize right now,

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as you breathe out so gently, you're everything for you. That you will be gentle on yourself, yet fierce that you can be sensitive. And quiet. Yep. So loud and bold, and the choices that you make in life for you. The choices that you make and the words that you define them to may not be the words that somebody else would use or the choices that they would make. But those feelings bring you validation. If those feelings bring you peace, and those feelings are your truth, they are yours, and your light is on and your light is shining, and it is reaching people. We have to go beyond our circumstances. We have to go beyond these constructions of these themes of what we think we need to be of normalcy, you are part of a world of new creation. You're part of the world where we're parts of innovation, and I don't mean like just Uber, okay, or when the internet first started, those are innovating things totally. But there's going to be more and more and more and more things being done that have not been done before because the truth is beginning to be spoken but more importantly to be lived, to be embodied, to be envisioned. Because yes, thoughts do create things. But just think when you know, or just know, when you think and you come from the place of knowing to control the thought how magnanimous that is. Oh, what did you hear that again? You're not here to think to know, you're here to know to think when you know and you come from your higher self when you connect to source or the universe. Wherever you see it. And you take that sense of knowing and you allow that to influence the thought, magic happens. That's when manifestation happens for a lot of people. And they realize like, oh, shit, this is easy. Yeah, it very much can be none of it's a lie. It's just your perception of it. And depending on what stage of the bridge you're on, depends on the aspect of how much you're going to call it in as a reality, or keep it far, far away from yourself. Okay, so if you can see and realize that you have the magic, and you have the power to co-create with the universe, anything you possibly could think of Not, not that you have to do everything for the world, but co-create something for you. Fucking magic happens, you are a magical being you are, I know, it's hard, it's hard to see that you're just this unique creation because you just feel like you know, just like an ordinary, just a little, little potato chips that near in a bowl. And this is the dumbest analogy in the world. But I want you to see like, you ever had some you ever ate some idiocy or drank something? And it looks so basic? And it's like, oh, look at that thing. And then you eat it. You're like, oh my god, this shit is fucking Hello. Where have you been in my whole life? Like, that's you. Okay? And think about it, the things that sometimes stand out, and they look so glamorous, and they seem so tasty. And then you go and eat it. And it's like, bland, tasteless, like, Oh, God, like, Why did I waste my time? Okay, so perception isn't always reality, because of your comment from a perception from your brain. And the brain is leading your sense of doing, instead of your knowing leading your sense of brain to be able to be in the state of being, you're going to have resistance, you're going to have a struggle because you're leading with your mind. Okay, so you are in the school of life. You are here in the School of Earth. But the cool thing about it, though, is you don't have to use your head. You don't have to use your head at all the whole objective is how much can I leave it behind and realize I still get to live, because it's a mechanism of this suit that I am in this car, this vehicle, this hub this system, but I am not that system. I am not everything of that system. Your brain is just an organ, your brain is just a part of the system. It's literally Yes, it's important because it helps you with all the cognitive abilities of that system. And without it, the system doesn't function. But then you got the heart and you have all these other things that are there.

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So I'll finish off today because I'm probably about to have a coughing fit. I'm gonna finish off today with a picture of yourself on this bridge, the breeze blowing through your hair or touching your skin if you don't have hair. And maybe it's a warm, gentle breeze, maybe it's a gosh, maybe there's a sunset, maybe there's a sunrise, maybe there's the night sky. But make up something that's so peaceful and so euphoric and so invigorating that at this moment, even if it's just this moment because you're not ready to surrender to the mind yet that you gave yourself the ability to really feel your sense of knowing and your sense of giving yourself the ability to really tap into creator into yourself. I Am that I Am. I Am. I Am that I Am. I Am. I am the creator. I own the destroyer. I am me. I am them. I am us. I am we I Am that I Am. I Am. I Am

Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the daring to be a human podcast. Until next time, keep on feeling those feelings and expanding further on your soul journey. If you want more head over to daring to be human calm For show notes links to any resources mentioned in today's episode. And if you are looking to take your human journey to the next level, be sure to check out my private member's community. The links are waiting for you at daring to human.com