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Dec. 22, 2021

EP. 18 | Normalizing Intentional Connection with Rena Chiovelli

EP. 18 | Normalizing Intentional Connection with Rena Chiovelli

Normalizing Intentional Connection

- Whether you have a business or not; people want a connection - Rena shares the struggles of her journey when she did life and business traditionally and how stepping out of that box allowed her to move into territories she didn't know existed. 

- Old marketing forms are dying out

- People want people; it's ok to be yourself

Rena Chiovelli doesn't market like the old boys, and neither should you!

As a seasoned writer, certified content marketer, and founder of Mindful Marketing Co., Rena has grown an agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate a deeper connection to their audience to create more leads and sales using a mindful approach.

She is passionate about uncovering the soul of a business, creating its unique brand voice, and helping coaches, healers, and wellness practitioners change the world with their words.

When not writing, you can find her on the hiking trails of the Rocky Mountains, driving a carload of pre-teens to sleepovers, walking her dog, or sitting in the sun with a great book.