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Danielle Aime
Spiritual Maverick. Embodied AF.

Wife to the best friend and amazing husband I could ask for (we healed a lot to get here) & mama to two little ones (who keep me on my toes of self-accountability to the little one inside of me that needs love), and I'm from Southern Louisiana and love tropical things and someday would like to move to the beach and jungle... 

My goal in life is to love myself with unwavering faith and show my children through my actions that I am human, but I am love, and so are they. 

And maybe spread the viral outbreak of love and happiness to others along the way. 


After many (MANY) years of trying to run my own life and business in the way everyone else was, I began to realize that trying to be “normal” was killing me.​

I’m the real-talk version of what you’ve been told to avoid for your entire life. And you’re the conformed and conditioned version of your deepest truths and desires. Together, we’ll be the medicine your soul needs to get you back to yourself and out of the shackles that bind you from a life of real joy. 

There are many ways to work with me, but the defining thread for all of them is you. How you show up. How you commit yourself to the process. How much action do you take.  

I promise to give you all of my knowledge and teach you the tools of my soul. But there’s no easy button to coming into yourself.  

It’s time to allow yourself the full journey of self-discovery...the good, the bad, the ugly, the slow baby steps, and the giant leaps. It’s ALL a part of the human experience for spiritual beings who are being called to bring forth a new paradigm of being. 

You’re in my space now because you are ready to break free from ‘normal’ and embrace the extraordinary.

Because you made the money, got the "fame" yet, something is still missing. 

Let’s go uncover you.